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Trying to wean dd off Jacqueline Wilson, but onto what?

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CeliaFate Sat 28-May-11 11:35:40

Dd is nearly 11. She loves Jacqueline Wilson books confused. I think they're grim and tedious, but it's her choice.

I'm trying to broaden her horizons.I've borrowed Wilma Tenderfoot by Emma Kennedy from the library, but dd found it too hard. I've bought Enid Blyton, J.K. Rowling, The Artemis Fowl series but she never finishes them as they don't capture her interest for long enough.

Does anyone have any suggestions? She hates anything remotely scary and loves books with bunnies or kittens on the cover!!! What's appropriate for her age?

wolfbrother Sat 28-May-11 14:15:53

Michael Morpurgo "Adolphus Tips" (cat) or "Born to Run" (dogs)
They are very good stories, and the animal on the cover may draw her in.

bidibidi Sat 28-May-11 14:39:16

Similar situ with DD, but she is only 9yo so I really don't want to move into the teenage JW books just yet.

She also likes variant series on Pony Tales themes, Horrible Histories and True but bizarre science facts books. What about Judy Blume?

CeliaFate Sat 28-May-11 15:07:18

Do the Michael Morpurgo ones have animal cruelty/sad endings? She couldn't cope with that! We had one free with a magazine about a bear, she wouldn't read it because it sounded so sad.

CeliaFate Sat 28-May-11 15:07:48

Will have a look on Amazon for Judy Blume.

wolfbrother Sat 28-May-11 18:44:36

Born to Run does have quite a lot of sad bits in it, so maybe avoid that, and in Adolphus Tips the first lot of kittens are drowned, but the reader hasn't bonded with them at all, if you see what I mean. Adolphus Tips has a very happy ending and I would have said it was suitable for a nearly 11 year old.
Morpurgo usually has poignant parts in his stories, but I think they are sooo much better than JW, which as you say, can be v.grim.

bigTillyMint Sat 28-May-11 18:48:31

Cathy Cassidy grin

Michael Morpurgo writes the most fantastic books - DD loved them. They can choke me up a bit, but not her so much. No animal cruelty AFAIK. Adolphus TIps is her all time favourite book!

Judy Blume is great - DD (and Iblush) have read a fair few/

valiumbandwitch Sat 28-May-11 18:52:06

Judi Curtin, very similar covers but stories are much lighter!! Judy Blume as well.

Brightredstar Sun 29-May-11 17:09:40

I would try Stargirl, Hoot, Flush, Holes, Theres a Boy in the girls Bathroom. All stories about children leading interesting lives. Nothing too grown up and are all short enough to maintain interest.

My favorite at the moment is

When You Reach Me

All are much better than JW and may just be a stepping stone out of there.

DeWe Mon 30-May-11 18:02:25

Dd2's (7yrs) just moved from JW to Willard Price.

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