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Jacqueline Wilson recommendations please!

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IAmRubyLennox Wed 30-Mar-11 20:26:34

My 7 y.o DD (Yr2 but the oldest in the class, 8 in September) is reading confidently by herself, and she's very keen to try the Jacqueline Wilson books.

I'm aware that lots of her books contain subject matter that is 'too old' for a 7 year old, even a mature and sensible one.

I read the MN webchat with Jacqueline Wilson and realised that there are actually loads more books she's written than the relatively few that are featured on her website.

Can anyone give me a rundown on the titles they would consider to be the most age-appropriate? My DD has read 'Sleepovers' and 'Cliffhanger', and I've just ordered 'Best Friends' from Amazon. She's also read 'The Monster Storyteller' but found it a bit too easy.

Thanks in advance for any help smile

lovecheese Fri 01-Apr-11 09:57:29

DD in yr2, just 7, enjoyed Best Friends and the Mum-minder. More too, will report back later with more ideas...

ExpectoPatronum Fri 01-Apr-11 12:06:12

Thanks for your reply. I've just ordered 'The Mum-minder' and 'The Suitcase Kid' from Amazon.

lovecheese Fri 01-Apr-11 13:08:33

She enjoyed Lizzie Zipmouth too.

The older DD has recently enjoyed Hetty Feather, The Lottie Project, Dustbin Baby and Clean Break, but i would say that the content is a bit too mature for 7 year-olds.

notnowbernard Fri 01-Apr-11 13:10:19

dd loved Lizzie Zipmouth

FrameyMcFrame Fri 01-Apr-11 13:18:30

dustbin baby had me weeping...
Hettie Feather is fantastic but has prostitution implied which I found a bit uncomfortable trying to explain to my 9 yr old.
DD has read all of them apart from the ones aimed at teenagers such as 'Girls under pressure'
The story of Tracy Beaker might be a good one?
Bed and Breakfast Star is good but has domestic violence implied. It's very funny though and is still my DDs fave.

FrameyMcFrame Fri 01-Apr-11 13:21:38

I'd recommend reading them yourself first too just to be sure you are happy with the content, I usually enjoy reading them too!

loopsngeorge Fri 06-May-11 23:18:24

DS (almost 7) and I have just finished reading the Bed and Breakfast Star which he loved. I loved Cliffhanger too - reminded me of my horror of being sent on a PGL holiday as a child!

DandyDan Tue 10-May-11 08:48:33

I would suggest that you borrow the books from a library and read them yourself before your daughter reads them. Love Lessons is about a 14 yr old who 'falls for' her male teacher and ends up kissing him. I just don't think it's easy sorting out issues like that which are not age-appropriate for under-10's. Mostly I have discouraged her books from being read by my kids and they mostly agree, and are still avid readers.

kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 10-May-11 08:59:14

DD would go and live with JW if she could. I am pretty laid back, but have asked the school librarian not to give DD any more JW books. Unfortunately, DD reads very quickly so a book that she got out in the morning could be half read by the time I collect her.
Suitable for a seven YO would be candyfloss, it's pretty inocuous unlike several of the other's DD has read.

Mspontipine Sat 21-May-11 00:34:35

I've seen Dustbin Baby film - made me sob sad

lovecheese Fri 27-May-11 13:36:18

DD has just finished Candyfloss.

Dancergirl Fri 27-May-11 16:32:10

The older DD has recently enjoyed Hetty Feather, The Lottie Project, Dustbin Baby and Clean Break, but i would say that the content is a bit too mature for 7 year-olds

Oh dear, my 8 year old has read The Lottie Project....what's it about?

And how on earth do you monitor their reading when they choose their own books at school and at the library?

lovecheese Mon 06-Jun-11 18:43:07

Hmmm. The seven-year old is now reading The Bed and Breakfast Star, bit unsure about it considering the implied domestic violence. But on the other hand do I want to stop her from broadening her reading choices and pretending that life isn't always rosy?

lovecheese Mon 06-Jun-11 20:32:47

...said 7 year-old went up for "A Quiet Read" earlier ( 7.30pm) and have just gone up to find her fast asleep with book on her face. Bless.

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