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Chapter books - Girl Aged 7

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TeaOneSugar Fri 04-Mar-11 13:05:35

DD (year 2) has just started to be able to choose her own books in the school library, and I suspect she's going to continue to bring fairy rainbow books home until she's read them all.

I can't seem to get her interested in Enid Blyton, which I loved at a similar age.

Can anyone suggest some books I can get her at home?

I've had a look around amazon and I'm struggling to find books that would suit her reading level, with suitable content for a 7 year old.

I'm going to ask her teacher for some suggestions, but wondered if anyone could recommend maybe a series.

notnowbernard Fri 04-Mar-11 13:07:44

Mr Majeika

alexw Fri 04-Mar-11 13:08:13

Have you EB the naughtiest girl books? My 6yo dd loves them.

Katz Fri 04-Mar-11 13:08:20

horrid henry - my dd loved these

Scootergrrrl Fri 04-Mar-11 13:10:07

Pippi Longstocking is a favourite with my 7-year-old, as is Roald Dahl.

laser4 Fri 04-Mar-11 13:12:43

I'm having the same problem here. I spent a few hours with her going thru her old picture books trying to see if she wanted to try to read them herself. Prob is that she sees them as babyish. she's trying to read the Secret Seven herself but that doesnt help you. Thankfully she got sick of the fairy books!!
The Shirley Hughes books are actually quite good and seems a bit older.
If you mean you reading them to her she loves the Lion the Witch and the wardrobe and am trying to get her to agree to the Phoenix and the carpet.
The trouble with daisy books are good as well

nobiggy Fri 04-Mar-11 13:14:54

My 7yo is reading Mary Poppins and bloody loving it!

TeaOneSugar Fri 04-Mar-11 13:23:06

I'd forgotten about Roald Dahl, they've been watching and reading The Witches which she seemed to enjoy.

I loved the naughtiest girls books.

I think a trip to a good bookshop is needed.

KatieScarlettOHooligan Fri 04-Mar-11 13:28:44

My 7 year old daughter scorned all Enid Blyton and any books that she's labelled 'frilly'. At the moment she's really enjoying Clarice Bean series by Lauren Child and is finding the Mr Gumm books by Andy Stanton hilarious. She also likes to dip into Michael Morpurgo occasionally. Who knows what we'll do when she's whizzed through these. I'll watch here with interest.

TeaOneSugar Fri 04-Mar-11 13:31:05

Laser 4 I'm thinking more of books for her to read to herself. I'm studying, and it's great when we can sit together and read.

We need a clear out of her books, probably 60% could be packed away to be passed on to cousins or given to the school nursery, she told me this morning that her books at home are too young now, although many are still OK for me to read to her as bedtime stories.

I'll have to google Shirley Hughes and The trouble with Daisy.


TeaOneSugar Fri 04-Mar-11 13:34:22

Katie I'm actually a bit upset that dd didn't immediately love EB.

fivesacrowd Fri 04-Mar-11 13:36:26

My 7yo dd loves the Daisy and the trouble with... series by Kes Gray, The Witch Baby books by Debi Gliori and anything by Jenni Valentine or Lauren Child (still has habit of talking like Lola from when she'd only read Charlie & Lola books for most of P1 - very annoying cute).

FunkyGlassSlipper Fri 04-Mar-11 17:21:09

Winnie The Witch short stories paperback books are good. About a fiver i think.

Takver Fri 04-Mar-11 18:58:39

I'd second the 'Daisy and the Trouble with' books.

The Anna Hibiscus series by Atinuke is also good, they're from a Walker books range called 'Racing Reads', which I would say are around the same reading age as the Rainbow magic books. Some are perhaps a little more complex, but they have the text broken up with plenty of illustrations, and each chapter can be read as a stand alone story (well certainly in the Anna Hibiscus ones).

Takver Fri 04-Mar-11 18:59:57

If she likes dinosaurs and/or silly jokes she might like the Astrosaurs & Astrosaurs Academy series (the Academy ones are a slightly easier read), and also Cows in Action, all by Steve Cole

TeaOneSugar Fri 04-Mar-11 22:48:36

Thanks everyone, a trip to Waterstones is planned for tomorrow, I'll print this out to take with us.

TeaOneSugar Sat 05-Mar-11 18:45:15

We came back with The BFG and The Witches, and some ideas for other books she might like to try, including the Daisy books, a couple of the fairy rainbow books biscuit and the worst witch series.

duckyfuzz Sat 05-Mar-11 18:59:18

U second the Daisy books, horrid Henry, narnia also Jill Tomlinson

Sadly magic puppy, spy dog, hamsters, rainbow fairies and ursula of the boughs seem ubiquitous

wearymum200 Sun 06-Mar-11 22:20:26

Little house on the prairie.
Worst witch
Noel streatfield
Charlotte's web
Muncle trogg
Madame pamplemousse and the time ttravelling cafe
Ottoline at sea
If she doesn't like "frilly", what about "boy" books eg dinosaur cove series
Thief lord, other cornelia funke

melrose Mon 07-Mar-11 10:06:18

Roald Dahl, my 6.5 yr old DS is loving them, he is reading the shorter ones himself - George's Marvellous Medicine, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Twits etc. and I read the longer ones to him. He has read the ones to himself over teh past 3 weeks and his reading has lept ahead, so lovely to see him enjoying books!

Compete set at the Book People for £15, just back in stock. Ceratinly worth buying even if you already have a couple, as the duplicates can be used as birthday presents!

Watching this thread with interest though, as wondering what to suggest to him after he has finished all the Dahl books!

aristocat Mon 07-Mar-11 10:13:18

another Roald Dahl fan here and my DD loves these

other favourites are Horrid Henry (i know blush) and Jeremy Strong and Dick King Smith

I'd second aristocat - Dick King Smith is great for this age group and there's lots of them, likewise Roald Dahl.

I remember books called Jeremy james when I was small, too, which I loved.

Habanera Mon 07-Mar-11 11:16:30

Provide a big selection arrayed before her, there are cheaper options than bookstores.

I would take her to a library even if it's some distance, and sign her up on a reading scheme come summer, if at all possible. They are fun and rewarding, and will widen her interests.

also try trips to charity shops, they usually have some kids books- if she gets some she doesn't like, it's only 20p or so and you can just donate them back! could use her own money, that seems to increase the value for things with my two girls.

The fairy books and animal arks passed quite quickly ime. worst with, milly-molly-mandy, EB amelia jane about a naughty doll

Habanera Mon 07-Mar-11 11:16:46

witch not with

mankyscotslass Mon 07-Mar-11 11:20:00

DD is on year 2, she has just read some "Worst Witch" books, which she liked, some Roald Dahl and has read the first 2 Harry Potters.

She likes Horrid Henry too. <shudder>

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