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HB or PB

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zeus123 Mon 27-Dec-10 22:07:17

We do buy lot of books as we all love reading (except DH - prefers TV ) DD1 is 10 and DD2 is 2.5. I bought few penguin classics for DD1 last year but appalled to find the pages already yellow and dont think these books would last when and if DD2 wants to read them. On the other hand I bought a 1979 HB and the book is still in very good condition.Do you think it is better to buy HB eventhough it is a bit dearer( do apologise if this is something basic but has never crossed my mind)

Takver Mon 27-Dec-10 22:29:01

Unless materials have changed drastically I would have thought paperbacks would be fine. DD has shelves of paperbacks that were mine when I was little, they are mostly absolutely fine after 30 yrs + (and plenty of them were 2nd hand then).

The one exception seems to be very fat books that were read an awful lot - most of my Swallows & Amazon books have pages falling out.

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