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Walter Moer Books - suitable for what age please?

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FranSanDisco Tue 07-Dec-10 19:49:13

Is anyone familiar with the above author? Dd 10 yo has been given a book by a relative called 'Alchemist's Apprentice'. I know I'll have to have a flick through but I have assignment deadlines for university looming for this weekend and can't face any more books added to the pile in front of me! So if anyone can shed any light I'd be most grateful smile.

Pashazade Wed 08-Dec-10 14:52:03

His books are really good, lots of interesting scenarios, absolutely no sex, possibly some violence but they are good stories. The language can be complex sometimes, they are well translated from the original German. So she may well enjoy if not entirely understand, can't remember what the Alchemists Apprentice is like but his other are great if rather surreal. Hope this helps

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