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First French book - yr 3 child

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maggiethecat Mon 08-Nov-10 10:45:52

Dd has started French this year (yr 3) and she seems quite keen. Any fun books to introduce her to?

MonarchoftheGarioch Wed 10-Nov-10 01:01:29

DD1 is in Y2 and has been doing weekly French club for a year or so - we've got quite a few word books, like the Usborne First 1000 Words ones (which I also loved as a kid). I've got this put by - Collins French Club set - which I'll probably dig out quite soon, now that she's learning to recognise written French too. I also quite like the look of this - Harry Learns French.

As these books are more about learning the language, I'm also on the look out for simple story books written in French - anyone have any recommendations?

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