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loosinas Mon 08-Nov-10 10:26:17

hey all ! im wondering if someone would be able to tell me about Morpurgo's picture books or his books for young children? I want to read them to my son and need to know where to begin ! thanks so much !

bundlebelly Mon 08-Nov-10 10:31:02

How old is your son? Micheal Morpurgo is a brilliant writer, but all his books have very sad themes, humans and animals suffering in every one. My daughter is 11 and finds them very sad, but have led on to some good talks about what does on in the world/history.
Not sure about the picture books, hopefully someone will be along in a min who knows more about the younger ones.

JaxTellersOldLady Mon 08-Nov-10 10:33:12

My DS read one of his books last year as a school thing, it was very sad. It was called Kensukis Kingdom iirc.

He has gone on to read more of his books, if that helps at all.

He was 9/10 then.

bigTillyMint Mon 08-Nov-10 10:35:49

He was my DD's favourite author through KS2. I don't know any of his picture books, but the chapter books are fantastic, even if they did all make me blub by the end!

EccentricaGallumbits Mon 08-Nov-10 10:38:58

i went right off morpurgo after he unnecessarily killed off an albatros. didn't add anything to the book at all.

Adolphos Tipps is good though.

munstersmum Fri 19-Nov-10 12:21:16

Michael Morpurgo has done a great version of Aesop's Fables. DS loved it aged 5 when we borrowed it from the library. He saw I'd bought it as a present recently for someone else and wanted to know if he could have a copy for keeps for Xmas.

Also young readers will love Mudpuddle Farm. Nothing traumatic in those.

granC Fri 19-Nov-10 12:45:40

munstersmum I am with you. I bought his Fables book for DGS aged 3 - and found that his sister and cousins (aged 2,8,10,12) all loved it too. Lots of humour! Thanks for the tip on Mudpuddle farm - it is now on my Xmas list.

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