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Stig of the Dump .... how scary/emotionally traumatic is it?

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deepdarkwood Sat 24-Jul-10 09:29:28

I've got the audio tape from the library for the dcs for trip down to COrnwall.
But ds (6) is a hugely sensitive, sentimental type and it's a while since I read it wink.
Is he going to be quaking in terror/sobbing himself to sleep?

deepdarkwood Sat 24-Jul-10 11:44:55


wb Sat 24-Jul-10 12:03:26

I don't recall finding it scary or traumatic at all, and I enjoyed being frightened as a child. Was more fascinated by the idea of a 'cave boy' living at the end of the garden. I was a bit older when I read it though (7 or 8)

deepdarkwood Sat 24-Jul-10 13:37:09

Thanks wb - there have been a few things we've read to him that I remembered as safe ... and then discovered were not!

paisleyleaf Sat 24-Jul-10 13:42:38

I can't remember anything traumatic (but then I've not read it again recently). I think I was junior school age. Would a 6 year old not just find it a bit boring?

bran Sat 24-Jul-10 14:00:42

DS listened to it on his school bus, all 5 and 6 yr olds, I think everyone was fine with it. They are generally tough nuts though.

Tales of a Killer Cat was very popular on the school bus, and not sentimental or likely to cause sentimentality.

deepdarkwood Sat 24-Jul-10 17:15:21

Thanks for extra reassurance. Killer cat looks fab ... but too late to get as we're setting off in 10 mins!

Paisley - I was hoping for something that wouldn't bore me smile

I don't remember its being traumatic. The TV adaptation (with Thomas Sangster) is very good but they change the ending in that (they portray Stig as someone who at some point fell through a timewarp, and at the end he goes back and is reunited with his family, which of course means leaving Barney) and that had DS in floods of tears. But I don't think any of that's in the book.

moondog Tue 18-Dec-12 20:39:39

I've just read this to my children and am pondering the significance of the baby that Lou saves from the rock as it is lowered into place.
Is it Stig?
Did Lou and Barney go back in time to save Stig from being sacrificed?
Any thoughts appreciated.

beatricequimby Wed 19-Dec-12 21:21:51

My ds is very similar and read it happily age 6.

StellaNova Thu 20-Dec-12 10:13:54

It was on Jackanory when I was little, I'm not sure what age that was aimed at. I think we had it read to our class when we were 7/8 so it is probably not too traumatic. Then again we were read Animal Farm aged 10, I'm not quite sure whether the teacher thought we would notice the Marxist/ Leninist satire driving the plot.

moondog Thu 20-Dec-12 18:02:47

Anyone got an angle on the baby under the rock?

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