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EYFS - Is it OK to backdate my planning paperwork?

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Riddo Thu 25-Mar-10 17:11:24

All I have been doing is a book for each mindee with notes about what they've done, photos and examples of picture etc. I have not referred to specific EYFS goals or planned particularly in advance.

Until recently I only had most of them for a day or so a week and they all also attend nursery on the other days.

Is it OK to slightly "make it up" by referring back through their observation books?

Riddo Thu 25-Mar-10 18:51:23


underpaidandoverworked Thu 25-Mar-10 18:52:19

Dont see why not, I've done that in the past - it shows you are being 'reflective'. In our area Ofsted are hot on linking obs to assessments and planning for the 'next steps' in the child's learning journey.

A fab book I've just bought is 'Practical EYFS Handbook' by Penny Tassoni and it has soooo many ideas in it for activities for all 6 stages of learning and development, as well as tables at the end for things like 'sand', 'painting', 'role play', 'construction' on which it tells you how the activities link into EYFS. HTH smile

cookielove Thu 25-Mar-10 18:54:41

I don't think it is making it up, if u are basing it on origanl observations, so yes i think that is ok,

Riddo Thu 25-Mar-10 19:10:00

Thank you both. I have the Penny Tassoni book and have read some of it. I'll have a crackdown over easter when I'm not working.

BabysDays Fri 26-Mar-10 03:06:12

Message withdrawn

Daisydaydreamer Fri 26-Mar-10 11:18:12

Babydays have you checked out your EYFS package might help some members on there

alibubbles Fri 26-Mar-10 13:11:48

That's one of the reasons I have finally decided not to stick stuff into scrap books. I am using plastic pockets and will insert obs, stickies, etc.It means I can add in when I find stuff that I have collected and not filed!

Hayleycm Fri 26-Mar-10 14:09:22

lordy im struggling with an effective method of linking all this in

Ripeberry Fri 26-Mar-10 19:43:48

When I do obs, I do them on any old scrap of paper that I have or I will print the photo and write underneath what the ob was.
Then at a later date (my free time), I stick the photo or ob in a learning journey book and then link to the 6 areas of learning and the aspects.
At the bottom I write "what worked well/How can this be improved?"
Then the next steps and finally a space for parents comments.
This is usualy done on two A4 pages.
It's a system that works for me anyhow smile and Ofsted liked it, Mrs O sat at my table and said "This is what we like to see".
At the front of each learning journey I have put "development matters" sheets from the childminding forum.
They are compressed sheets with all the ages and aspects all together, so at a glance you can see where the child is at in their development and you can overlap different ages.
What I then do is highlight the areas (aspects) that are met consistently.
But then I am a paperwork freak and only have two EYFS children, if I had more then I would do slightly less linking grin
But the Learning journey package on childminding forum is great!

Hayleycm Fri 26-Mar-10 20:11:32

where can i find this learning journey package?

pippin26 Fri 26-Mar-10 22:58:54

Why not just start from 'now' rather than trying to backdate.

All I use is an A4 ring binder,
I use a template obs form - stick the photo in
describe what the child is/was doing
what it links to in the EYFS
what my involvement was
and next steps

the more you refer to EYFS the more used to it you will become.

Not every obs has a photo, some are more detailed written documents.

From the childs interests i develop planning.

check out for tons of advice and support from other minders.

BabysDays Fri 26-Mar-10 23:51:45

Hi Daisydaydreamer

That childminding forum were not interested in our system as they wanted us to pay just to mention our product, that forum promotes themselves as a forum to help childminders, however, it is clearly a money making tool for the owner.

We were looking for beta testers for our system and asked them if they would mention this on their forums, they said yes they would do it but we had to pay them for this.

I asked them how exactly this was helping childminders as all we wanted was some people to test our system, they never replied to us and then banned us from their forum.

That site is clearly interested in making money rather than helping its members which really is a shame.



looneytune Sat 27-Mar-10 08:01:50

That's crazy Babydays, you're right that this is all to HELP childminders. Surprised they banned you!

BabysDays Sat 27-Mar-10 08:11:00

I know looneytune, they also banned us on their twitter account as well, we were actually offering the members who helped us a FREE account for a year as well.

Had they done that for us 6 months ago then absolutely we would have advertised with them, I was completely gobsmacked to be honest - greedy springs to mind!

But like they say, what goes around... :-)

Oh look, I just found how to use the smiley faces on this forum grin

Have a great day



looneytune Sat 27-Mar-10 08:37:18

Doesn't make any sense to me. At least Mumsnet haven't blocked you

BabysDays Sat 27-Mar-10 16:10:02

Well I hope they don't because I want to advertise on here !!

looneytune Sat 27-Mar-10 16:25:27

They wouldn't, Mumsnet are nice and I'm sure would be happy to see things on this section that will help us childminders

pippin26 Sat 27-Mar-10 17:32:19

Babydays - its a shame that you feel the need to talk about the childminding forum like that. I presume the owner of the site knows you are talking about them like that as well?

I can assure you that the site is VERY interested in helping childminders and I would imagine nearly all the minders on there would bear testament to that.

I can also assure you that the site/owner is NOT interested in just making money - there is a genuine interest and care by the owner.

BabysDays Sat 27-Mar-10 17:42:23

pippin26, it is indeed a shame, it's a shame that they were not willing to make their childminder members aware that we were looking for testers of our system in exchange for a years FREE subscription!

Maybe they are very interested in helping childminders, they are also very interested in making money as well.

My comments were in no way slanderous, just open and honest.

pippin26 Sat 27-Mar-10 18:08:02

Obviously you have your opinion BabyDays and I have no knowledge of what has passed between you and the owner but I actually find it quite offensive that you feel the need to say ' it is clearly a money making tool for the owner' going on to say 'site is clearly interested in making money rather than helping its members'.

You are very wrong in your assumptions and I have no idea about slander laws but I find it wrong that you should talk about what was obviously a private business transaction in this way. Surely a PRIVATE business arrangement (or not in this case) should remain private. The owner of the Childminding Forum has not talked about you/your business in anyway - neither promoting nor disrespecting you in the manner you have about the Forum.

You call it being open and honest, I call it sounding quite bitter about YOUR potential money making business venture being rejected.

I repeat - does the owner of the site know you are talking about her/the Forum in this manner?

The site DOES help minders, its a huge network and the owner genuinely does care, contrary to your opinions. There is tons of FREE advice, support and information/document sharing on the site as well as businesses that seem happy to advertise.

Of course the Forum may not suit everybody and that is their perogative but I find it a low blow to be so accusatory when the owner has no means of reply.

BabysDays Sat 27-Mar-10 18:26:56

Hi pippin

Like I said, my comments were open and honest, I think you have maybe turned this in to something it clearly isn't.

The owner or whoever runs the site had no interest in communicating with us, prefering to just ban us instead.

We were looking for testers, NOT to advertise, they wanted money for us to do this, perhaps they should have seen the big picture and realised their members would have got something for FREE!!

Still a shame!



pippin26 Sat 27-Mar-10 18:42:35

I have just been looking at your other posts BabyDays re your product.
So how long would your product have been 'free' for. I presume not permanantly you would be reeling in the customers, get them hooked and then obviously they have to start paying. So in effect, nothings 'free'.

However, that is your business venture to whcih you are entitled.

I don't think I have turned your comments into something they weren't, you were being intentionally disrepectful to the site owner/site - unfairly and in my eyes wrongly. The owner has no idea of what is being said about her/the forum and therefore has no chance to put her side across should she wish to. So just on that basis you were being grossly unfair and rather unprofessional.

ChildmindingForum Sat 27-Mar-10 18:46:10

I would like to clear a few points but will not get into a discussion on this:

BabysDays is NOT banned from the Childminding Forum and never has been.

He joined the Forum and posted a message which broke Forum advertising/business use rules - even though these rules had been explained when joining.

When these were explained again to him and he was told that offering testing of a product is a still a means of advertising, I received a private message which I found upsetting.

I also got a childish message via Twitter so I simply blocked Babysdays, which is my prerogative.

I receive no funding for running the Forum, it is my own personal site, why shouldn't a business make a little contribution towards running costs in return for the massive audience their product would be shown to? It also prevents the Forum from being over run with advertising and businesses that are just there to take advantage and spoiling it.

At no point did he ask how much of a contribution me might have to make - shame because it would not have been much and he would have got so much support from the Forum.

BabysDays Sat 27-Mar-10 18:55:14

You never replied to our messages, I have got more from you now than we ever have.

The post asked for beta testers, it did not say come and buy our software its amazing, we weren't even selling it, we didn't want to sell it then.

You never said make a contribution at all, if that is what you wanted then you should have said.

We have spent £thousands on advertising and would have advertised with your forum without question, it seemed to me that you were only thinking about the money.

Maybe I am wrong and if I am I apologise for that but not replying to us did not help the situation.

Let this be the end of this unfortunate incident and good luck with your site, I thinkyour members willbecome aware of our product over time.



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