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Sorry Mrs Judgeypants - look away! Its confessions of a childminder

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fivesacrowd Fri 21-Dec-12 09:38:51

I've been a cm for a couple of years and have had some fantastic advice from this forum (thanks esp to Mr Anchovy and NannyNick), but I was looking at some posts the other day about tv watching and thinking that in my early days I was so stressed out every day and I'm sure it wasn't helped by the "mrs judgepants" posters on here.
So, in the spirit of christmas I confess -
I sometimes let mindees watch a bit of TV, not that much and usually related to something else we're doing (although I'm not sure I'll get away with many more pirate activities so that they can all watch Jake)
I sometimes leave children asleep in the buggy outside - wrapped up against the weather in my secure garden and I'm always within sight
Sometimes I don't have my day planned and have to wing it.
Sometimes snack isn't hugely healthy - usually because we've made fairy cakes (hides head in shame at the time we made hedgehog cakes and all six mindees were covered in chocolate butter icing)
Despite all this, my mindees love me, the parents all rate me as brilliant and the Care Insp gave me an excellent - so there mrs judgepants!
Go on cm - get those confessions off your chest, you'll feel so much better for it. grin

ScarfHatSunglasses Fri 21-Dec-12 09:41:55

Aw I'm not a childminder but I would love to find one like you. I think the purpose of this kind of childcare is to provide a home-from-home environment that is full of fun. It sounds like yours is!

HSMM Fri 21-Dec-12 09:43:48

I gave my mindees chocolate at the Christmas party and sometimes they help me clean the car in the summer. I also let my very sharp toothed rabbit into the play room with them sometimes.

CanIHaveAPetGiraffePlease Fri 21-Dec-12 09:48:02

Sounds great. Are you genuinely worried? Love the idea of cleaning the car - my daughter would have loved that and I could imagine her coming home all excited about it! Variety is good.

Tanith Fri 21-Dec-12 09:55:27

My mindees are allowed to cuddle the guinea pigs shock

without gloves, face shields and specially adapted contamination overalls shockshock

wednesdaygirl Fri 21-Dec-12 09:55:57

Were having a sweet and cake party today 2-3 and all parents have brought in cakes and sweets grin got 11 children so gonna be busy

Mine dont watch tv (even my own children aged 15 and 16 have not watch tv for a few years now) we have 5 tv's in our house confused but today the pre-schoolers are watching a dvd while im on mumsnet wink

HSMM Fri 21-Dec-12 10:02:44

I'm not worried about it, but some people would be grin.

AnnIonicIsoTronic Fri 21-Dec-12 10:04:36

<stealth boast klaxon>


Hoppingforsun Fri 21-Dec-12 10:08:31

I know a cm who never ever (literally ever) has the tv off. The children love her and the parents rate her as brilliant.

wednesday girl why do you have 5 tvs if you don't watch it? Or do you and your DP watch at night whilst your teenagers are banned? confused

fivesacrowd Fri 21-Dec-12 10:18:47

I'm not worried now, but it can be a very isolated job and when you go on here looking for advice and are beaten down with childcare professionals should -never have tv on, only feed children seeds and home organically grown fruit and veg and have no furniture in their playrooms in case a child sustains an injury - you start to think you're a rubbish cm even if you've raised children of your own who have managed to survive despite your "rubbish" childcare practices!
I took a mindee to a cafe the other day so that I could feed baby mindee and let older one choose a packet of crisps for snack!

RudolphsNoseInMyXmasStocking Fri 21-Dec-12 10:20:28

I think my childminder was like this - and I didnt care at all lol. Like someone has said, it's all about the home -from-home experience as far as I was concerned, and if that sometimes meant an afternoon on the sofa watching a dvd with cm and other mindees, that was fine by me smile He also got to do visits to 'Grandma' - totally part of the cm's family and activities. She was brilliant and Im quite sad he had to start school!

wednesdaygirl Fri 21-Dec-12 10:22:42

Boys not banned from tv they just dont watch it grin
I have wierd children they dont like chips eirther grin

Wheresmycaffeinedrip Fri 21-Dec-12 10:28:57

fives u sound lovely, and that kind of homely sounding setting is exactly what I would want if I could ever get a job that pays enough to afford it

Ps hedgehog cakes- fab fun and I wouldn t care about kid getting messy smile

fivesacrowd Fri 21-Dec-12 11:01:15

Thanks for lovely messages. I love my job, its fab smile

RosieGirl Fri 21-Dec-12 12:58:01

I actually go to the toilet without taking all the children with me. wink

(ready so many times that due to not letting children out of site, childminders take them all with them)

I only take them if there is one that is in danger of injury in one form or another.

And no, I haven't written a risk assessment for it. shock

HSMM Fri 21-Dec-12 13:45:16

Just realised ... I haven't written a car washing policy shock

minderjinx Fri 21-Dec-12 15:09:12

Oh dear, better get on to that. I suggest you risk assess a) possibility of drowning in small bucket b) possibility of suds allergy (better do skin tests!) c) possibility of tennis elbow or housemaid's knee from all the scrubbing and polishing and don't forget d) possibility of blinding (from sun reflected off superdooper shiny car)

drinkyourmilk Fri 21-Dec-12 15:36:27

I'm a nanny, not a childminder. My massive confession is that one year a parent asked me to make 20 (!) xmas cards with their toddler. She did about 8 happily enough over the course of a week but then point blank refused to do anymore. So i made the remainders in her style shock.
Mum never knew. I do still feel a bit ashamed years later, but she was insistent on that number.

anewyear Fri 21-Dec-12 19:52:37

What, you go to the toilet without taking the children with you....................
HOW.............................................. considering all mine are 6 & over, honestly, I have one that would follow me in there as well............................

anewyear Fri 21-Dec-12 19:53:33


HiccupHaddockHorrendous Fri 21-Dec-12 23:55:46

My confession - I am ridiculously crap at paperwork. I'm just so disorganised. Once contracts/permission slips are filled in, I do very little else in terms of paperwork.

Confession 2 - when I picked up mindee (3yrs) this morning, I told him I needed to hoover and his little face lit up like Christmas had come 4 days early grin. So, armed with the baby Dyson (mindee) and the fully-grown version (me) we hoovered the whole of downstairs. Then, he told me to do the washing and could he switch the machine we did!

I could do with him coming tomorrow because the washing is still in the machine and I've got loads of jobs to do.

He's going to make a great husband gringrin!!

calmlychaotic Sat 22-Dec-12 01:42:12

we watch a bit of tv most days, I take kids to bank, post office and round to visit my grandparents. I do the bare minimum of paperwork. the kids make cakes and lick the bowl. they jump in muddy puddles. I have loads of confessions! Today I got loads of lovely presents and cards with lovely things written in them. I love the kids I mind they have loads of fun and so do I! and I have stopped going to childminder drop ins-very judgey!

HSMM Sat 22-Dec-12 05:03:54

Housework shock

Muddy puddles shock

fivesacrowd Sat 22-Dec-12 09:42:44

I took two of my mindees to visit an elderly neighbour who lost her husband last week to see how she was and if she needed any shopping etc. We were only there for 15 minutes and the little ones really cheered her up. I know there would be lots of people on here horrified that I took them into someone else's house but I think it was a nice thing to do - so there!

Italiana Sat 22-Dec-12 09:46:32

This has been a great thread...I have enjoyed reading how unique c/ms are!
Keep up the good work and have a very Happy Christmas and New Year

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