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Treasure baskets

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HolyCameraConfusionBatman Sun 22-Apr-12 14:41:25

What do you put in them?

<looking for inspiration>

KatyMac Sun 22-Apr-12 14:53:49

Wooden things, metal things, stone things

Egg cups, brushes (paint, pastry, hair), tea strainers, loofahs, sponges, soft cloths, chamois leather, soap sucker thinges, odd bits of wood, spoons

rope dog toys

Bamaluz Sun 22-Apr-12 16:19:11

Silk scarves, wooden curtain rings, pine cones, raffia coasters, metal spaghetti measurer, jar lids, small basket...

More ideas and info here.

HolyCameraConfusionBatman Sun 22-Apr-12 18:09:07


<adds rope dog toy and chamois leather>

Murtette Mon 23-Apr-12 02:29:15

Egg box, inside of a box of chocolates (you know, the plastic bit with the indents), loo roll tube, plastic whisk, wooden bangle, leather coaster, wooden coaster, shower puff thing, empty tube of moisturiser with lid removed, small box with hinged lid, scourer, washing up brush ... just wander around the house picking things up & put them in a box.

HappyAsEyeAm Mon 23-Apr-12 14:06:05

What I've always wondered with treasure baskets is - how do you stop the baby putting the things that you wouldn't want it to chew on in its mouth? I have no problem with the baby chewing on plastic, as bits don't come off it, but what about things where threads/shavings/splinters/bristles come off or paper disintegrates (thinking of choking here)?

tayberry Mon 23-Apr-12 19:07:44

Also things that smell such as lavender bags or a lemon. Cloth bags filled with different sized beans, a tiny teddy bear , a knitted or material doll. Large pebbles and shells that you can collect from the beach.

KatyMac Tue 24-Apr-12 07:47:21

Happy you either:

Sit with the baby and encourage not chewing the dodgy things
Have age appropriate things in the treasure basket (by choice)
Or let them chew & fish it out occasionally

heliumballoon Tue 24-Apr-12 07:53:42

Plastic covered slinky
ice cube tray

DD1 could mouth a whisk happily for hours.

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