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Ofsted want to ditch childminders

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stomp Fri 02-Mar-12 21:31:31

so, what do we think of Sir Michael Wilshaw comments then?
I'm fuming.

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 02-Mar-12 21:37:18

what? off to google, be back in a bit

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 02-Mar-12 21:40:11

found this

off to rummage some more

southeastastra Fri 02-Mar-12 21:40:27

elaborate maybe?

Tanith Fri 02-Mar-12 21:45:32

Although I'd be delighted to be done with OFSTED, I really object to his rubbishing childminders and their ability to do their job when we all know that the real issue is that they want to cut costs.
Childminders are an easy target and Sir Michael obviously doesn't know much about us if he thinks we're institutions angry

stomp Fri 02-Mar-12 21:52:05

stomp Fri 02-Mar-12 21:54:35

HSMM Fri 02-Mar-12 22:11:26

He has no.idea what we can offer and how professional we are. I am really angry. I have already emailed NCMA and I can feel more emails on their way. It's someone else telling the world that CMs are no better than storage for children!

HSMM Fri 02-Mar-12 22:12:39

This is not what I slogged years on my degree for!

stomp Fri 02-Mar-12 22:13:24

well for anyone not wanting to wade through the piece ….he completely dishes childminding, says we do not keep data on progress, outcomes are worse, we are not subscribing to the EYFS education goals, we’re too expensive to inspect & therefore not sustainable for Ofsted to carry on, and says that Ofsted are consulting with the Secretary of State on changes to childminding.

They dangled the carrot of professional standing by making childminders equal with other settings and now they want to take it away. As Tanith says its all about money.

southeastastra Fri 02-Mar-12 22:16:12

i work in playwork (5-12) and we get the same things re eyfs too all the time. it's ridiculous

tethersend Fri 02-Mar-12 22:17:21

You have to bear in mind that this is the man who told headteachers "If anyone tells you that staff morale is at an all time low, you know you're doing something right".

He has a political agenda and appears to hate teachers and childminders alike.

Which bodes well hmm

stomp Fri 02-Mar-12 22:18:21

HSMM it sends a powerful message to the world/parents/media that has put us back Years! i'm enraged.

Born2BRiiiled Fri 02-Mar-12 22:18:25

Look, ofsted and Sir Michael are officially bonkers at the moment. Seriously, the words coming out of his mouth mean that each week I just shake my head sadly at the weirdness of him. Not very helpful, but just saying! Do any parents of pre schoolers even care about EYFS? Or is it hugs and fun and stimulation and affection they are after?

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 02-Mar-12 22:18:26

sigh, I have read the ofsted annual report 2010/11 now

basically he is saying forget that 74% were judged to be good or outstanding in that year

there are interesting and concerning points about the standard of care offered in deprived and more affluent areas


more thinking, be back later

dobby2001 Fri 02-Mar-12 22:21:17

Bloody cheek!

ChippingInNeedsCoffee Fri 02-Mar-12 22:29:45

He's an utter twat, no doubt about it!!

But - on the whole - wouldn't it be good to get Ofsted off the back of CM's so that parents can have the care they want instead of the 'care' <read reems of paperwork> that the government wants?

StealthPolarBear Fri 02-Mar-12 22:32:15

Yay, get them to leave my fantastic CM alone so she can do what she thinks is best - I trust her more than I do ofsted

nappymaestro Fri 02-Mar-12 22:33:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nappymaestro Fri 02-Mar-12 22:34:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StealthPolarBear Fri 02-Mar-12 22:42:28

smile at all the x posts

ActiveC Fri 02-Mar-12 23:26:24

This week has been a PR disaster for childminding professionals. We were bashed on Panorama, The Wright Stuff and now by Chief Insp.SMW.

As SMW expresses doubt in us, why should any other user groups take us seriously? Thanks SMW for setting childminders back twenty years angry

All we childminders know that our job today is not what it was some twenty years ago. I believe the lack of positive /balanced/ insightful profile of childminders in the media lies firmly on the doorstep of the NCMA.

Why is it that our sector is always portrayed in a biased light? Yet the sorry “our” NCMA remain silent. We childminders are doing our bit on an individual basis, the results of which are measured in increased grade attainment of Good and above on inspection, under the EYFS in its current format. The NCMA really need to follow the National Day Care Trust’s blueprint, recruit some dominant eloquent personalities who can really raise our profile.

SMW says; 'My view is that we should really look at the future of how we inspect early years, and particularly childminders, to make sure that the very large numbers of children in childminding settings are given a good delivery.’
This implies that Childminders are failing the children in its care; however the inspection statistics do not reflect this. Having said that, how is this really measured? In the past, I’ve had children come to me from a nursery setting I get permission from the parents to request information of the children’s progress, but I’m met with a brick wall. When children leave my setting, the schools they go on to are not interested. So much for working in partnership hmm

Then says;

* ‘I think the issue is for childminders it becomes childminding, care and support, rather than subscribing to the EYFS education goals.’*
I would like to know the empirical source of this statement. This comes after a time when OFTED outsourced is inspection role. Perhaps Tribal under tendered their contract and want to relinquish its responsibilities earlier than planned? Is it that schools have reported that children who enter reception from a childminding setting have not attained specific outcomes for their age? Again, where was the NCMA in all this?
Considering its been proven that a home based environment is bet for the under 5’s, Imagine if the NCMA wielded the kind of influence mumsnet has. There would be NO doubt as to what role, scope and value of a childminder is.

ActiveC Sat 03-Mar-12 11:21:49

Good to see this thread is raging on with quality arguments from my fellow Childminding Comrades.

It warms the heart to know that there are people out there who appreciate the work that Childminders do. Thank you parent posters!

nannynick Sat 03-Mar-12 14:30:10

For years Ofsted has been saying the cost of inspecting childminders is unsustainable. So that is nothing new in my view... there were proposals in the past to increase the registration fees but every time it was proposed it didn't get changed significantly. Google Docs Viewer: 2006 Fees Consultation Responses

KatyMac Sat 03-Mar-12 19:38:21

I wonder how will affect my dual registration.....not good enough as a childminder (despite 2 outstandings) but good enough as a daycare setting


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