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Just how difficult can it be to start a nanny agency?

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hobbgoblin Wed 07-Jul-10 21:56:31

As I am in dire straits financially - lost my job in the blink of an eye along with DP and soon my house and car if I don't Do Something - I'm just throwing around possibilities whilst all advice places and offices are closed and all I have is the internet to investigate ideas...

So, I have the experience and contacts but surely every woman with children who wanted to work from home would have thought of this..?

What are the pit falls, anyone know?

I'm pretty desperate so hope this isn't perceived as a sneaky ask on here, I certainly couldn't afford to pay for a media request thingie to ask about this whilst it's just an idea.

frakkit Fri 09-Jul-10 20:48:44

Association of Nanny agencies or the people that accredit recruitment agencies might help. I suspect, scarily, it might be as simple as 'I want to be an agency, I'll start now'.

For CRBs you'd either need to register yourself as a registering body or get them done through a checking agency.

BoffinMum Fri 09-Jul-10 21:47:37

What about charging per hour as a nanny finding consultant type person instead of this six weeks net pay rubbish? There used to be a woman around Battersea way that did that, and she found great nannies for people and the parents loved her and did not feel so ripped off.

nannynick Fri 09-Jul-10 21:58:57

CRBs can be done via an Umbrella Body such as Civil & Corporate.

I think Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 is still the main legislation to do with running an employment business.

I would love to know how agencies decide on their fees... like the concept mentioned by BoffinMum that sounds far more fair.

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 12-Jul-10 21:15:37

i know 2 nannys who run their own agency and it is bloody hard work and takes money,time and effort

both also work part time as nannies to make ends meet, yes fab earning a fee of £1000+ when they place a nanny but some months no one gets placed and still have overheads etc and for first year or 2 they ran at a loss but have no picked up

also depends on area and if many other agencyes about and if lots of nannies etc

BoffinMum Mon 12-Jul-10 21:23:13

You would certainly be able to even out income and control workload more effectively charging an hourly rate, with fewer loss leaders, I think.

Needanewname Mon 12-Jul-10 21:30:54

Its not as easy as you think. I've worked as a nanny and in a couple of nanny agencies.

You get nightmare clients, nannies who don;t have a clue, matches that don;t work out and you need to refund, reference checks have to be done, no one can go out for interviews without a CRB in place (or at least in process).

A lot of hard work for not that much money. Nannynick made some great points.

However saying that, when you do get a great nanny in and a lovely family its great.

Kiki68 Wed 06-Feb-13 11:36:45

Hi there,

I know this thread is two and a half years old, but I was just wondering how any of you got on with starting up your agency. Hobbgoblin, did you go ahead with it?

I am interested in hearing how it went for any of you that tried, as I am keen on starting one myself.

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