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How much do you charge for after school places?

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MumOnaMission Wed 17-Aug-05 00:20:05

Just trying to get an idea as my dd starts ft school next month and I'm looking for a job. I had childcare when she was at nursery and I had to pay for the full day but how does it work for after school?

ThePrisoner Wed 17-Aug-05 00:39:57

I charge the same hourly rate (£3.50) as I do for any other children, but know that some minders charge more for before/after school care. I charge for whatever it is that a parent wants (within reason!) - I set up a contract in the same way, ie. hours/days required.

I am also the school's emergency contact for those children; parents are always notified first, but I am usually nearer for picking up if necessary (sickness etc.) I would charge my normal hourly rate if the parents want me to collect the child.

You will also need to think about school holidays - if you don't need care then, some minders may charge a retainer (there's a recent thread on this somewhere). When you ring minders to enquire, ensure you ask if they are available for holiday care (if you need it).

angelp Wed 17-Aug-05 07:22:54

£5 an hour per child is the going rate for after school care round here

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