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Pre-registration OFSTED visit Friday. Help!!

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happyclapper Fri 25-Jun-10 21:24:12

Got a bit ahead of myself and sent my registration application off before having everything prepared. Now they have phoned to say they are coming next Friday. Think I am getting on top of policies and procedures but struggling with how to write a risk assesment. Have a template but still not sure what to put in it. Also how much do I need to have prepared on EYFS as don't have any children lined up yet (will only take 2 part-time children) to know relevant ages. Would be soooo grateful for help.

Sandym3g Fri 25-Jun-10 21:51:32

Not too sure about the risk assessment as my husband did that part(husband a wife team of childminders) What we did we learned the 6 things under the Learning and development off by heart and the every child matters one. We got asked what the 6 learning and development ones were. Soooo glad that we had learnt them. Read and Reread your policies as our inspector asked a question to about every one of them. Do you have a portfollio sorted? If not and you don't know what to put in it let me know and I'll put a link up that will help. The way I revised the EYFS was to read the ICP stuff. Actually I had to sort it out into a proper file anyway so I was reading each one before putting it in the file.

Don't panic! we felt so underprepared. Especially my husband. But in the end she was really nice and we really got on. I think she stayed longer than it would have done cos we were chatting so much lol

happyclapper Sat 26-Jun-10 12:43:30

Thanks Sandym3g. No, don't have a portfolio. Would be grateful for the link. Re: the 6 learning and development things did you just learn the area categories or what you would do for each one? Being really thick now but ICP stuff?

happyclapper Sat 26-Jun-10 12:57:37

Sorry ICP....intro' to childcare practice. Haven't done course yet. Start Monday. Really wish I had waited till I had completed that now but was advised I could get registered without it, which is true but feels like I am doing it in the dark!

Sandym3g Sat 26-Jun-10 18:36:52

Ok it might be different for you the inspection then but the six areas on this link
have a look at as much as you can it will give you a heads up anyway. Have you got the eyfs books? Statitury framework and practice guide? Do your council do a briefing before you start anything for those who want to be childminders? I had to do 2 briefings. In the letter that said about them I had a number to call for the free publications that are needed for childminding.

The link for the portfollio is o

although there is a great deal of information that the lady has put together.

atworknotworking Sat 26-Jun-10 19:13:36

Will send you one of my Risk Assessments if you want so you can rejigg. You will also need a fire plan, map of your house, escape routes, meeting points.

The inspector will ask you how you will plan your day I can send you a copy of my daily routine as well if you like.

I have cat.

happyclapper Sat 26-Jun-10 22:11:06

Thank you ladies. Yes have been to a briefing session and have all the books but didn't know what to concentrate on. atworknotworking (great nickname btw)would be very grateful for risk assesment template and copy or daily routine. I have cat too x 2!
Thanks for links. Don' know how they expect people to come up with all this after 1 briefing session.

Sandym3g Sun 27-Jun-10 08:32:40

Cram as much as you can. I don't think the eyfs books covers the safeguarding but if it does look at that. The learning and development part is those 6 aims. Think of activitys that you can do that have thoses outcomes with them like creative practice could be painting or playdough for example. Alot of the activitys cover the 6 aims anyway so that is the easy part. Just consintrate on getting ready this week. Let us know how it goes. All the best for it. I'll be praying for you.xx

atworknotworking Sun 27-Jun-10 13:06:31

Hi your cat doesn't seem to be working, if you email me I will send stuff on its

sticky fingers at talk talk dot net

happyclapper Sun 27-Jun-10 21:20:14

Will do atworknotworking. Thanks again.

happyclapper Wed 07-Jul-10 22:14:44

Hi ladies, am pleased to report Ofsted inspection done and dusted. Thank-you for all your help and encouragement. Glad I put the effort in as was basically a 2hr job interview. Very nice lady but glad I'd done my homework. Just waiting for CRB check now. Hope to be open by September for anyone out there who needs a childminder in the Leamington Spa area.

mrsduns Thu 04-Nov-10 15:42:18


I am new to Mumsnet! I am preparing to be a childminder, i have done my course and just preparing to send my ofstead forms off. I wondered if you could also forward me a copy of your planning too? This would be a great help to me. I already have in place my risk assessments and policies and procedures. The only other thing I need help with is, I have to write about "every child matters". I need to write about each seperate one and explain how I will put all these into practice in my setting. Is anybody able to help me on this? thanks

I am posting on a couple of boards so sorry for anyone who reads twice x

WhyIsThatThen Sun 14-Nov-10 18:31:28

Ditto what mrsduns says. I am midway through the ICP and beginning to think about sending my forms in etc. I'm terrified about the pre-reg inspection and want to make sure I am well prepared. Any help will be gratefully received. The thing I feel most worried about it the eyfs but all help/guidance will be wonderful. Thanks in advance.

grandmainmypocket Fri 07-Jan-11 21:57:27

Thanks for the link Sandy, so interesting.

10jesskie12 Wed 10-Dec-14 19:54:53

I am new to Mumsnet! I am also preparing for my preregistration visit. I was wondered if you could also forward me a copy of your planning too? This would be a great help to me. I already have in place my policies and procedures. The only other thing I need help with is, risk assessments and doing a portfollio. thank you

MarianneZZZ Mon 09-Feb-15 23:44:44

Hi everyone! I am new to mumsnet, and I just saw this post when trying to find information about my registration visit! Would you guys mind sending me your planning, risk assessments and portfolio too? - sounds so helpful!! Thanks in advance for the amazing help :D so nice!

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