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Interviewing an au-pair, never done it before!! Any advice please?

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Forgetmenot Mon 15-Aug-05 08:36:19

My sister is interviewing an au pair today, she has never done it before, has used private nurseries in past.
She has 2 challenging boys one 3, one 6-who is diabetic Any particular questions she should ask?
I've told her to check all references.
Any advice at all welcome I know there is a wealth of information out there from you all.

RnB Mon 15-Aug-05 08:44:07

Message withdrawn

KemalsStilletto Mon 15-Aug-05 08:52:28

Ask about family background - parents, brothers and sisters.

Why did you choose to become an au pair?

What do you consider are your qualities with regard to looking after children?

What is your current position and why do you want to leave?

Tell me about your previous jobs and why you left each one.

Have you ever had a period of unemployment & why?

What are you looking for in your next position?

Why do you enjoy looking after children?

How would you entertain them on a day-to-day basis?

How would you keep them occupied on a long wet day?

What artistic/creative talents do you have?

Can you cook?

What would you cook for my children?

What would you do if my child had any serious problems in regards to his health?

Are you trained in First Aid? What would you do in the case of:
bad cuts
blow to the head
high fever

How do you see your role in disciplining my child/children?

What household tasks are you happy to perform? (e.g. nursery duties only, light housework, ironing, cooking)

Are you happy to baby-sit? Would you expect to be paid extra for this?

When did you pass your driving test? (ask to see the driving licence)

Have you had any accidents?

Are you able to drive an automatic car?

What type of car do you have?
Does it have rear seat belts?
What type of insurance do you have? (fully comprehensive / 3rd party)

Have you got insurance for taking employers' children in your car?

Do you understand that smoking and/or drinking alcohol is not permitted at work?

When would you be available to start a new position?

What salary are you seeking?

Forgetmenot Mon 15-Aug-05 09:18:35


Thankyou soo much for your response!!

uwila Mon 15-Aug-05 11:26:02

if you cat me, I can give you my standard questionaire which is geared a bit more toward nanny than au pair, but still may be useful. It is in word format. I send it out on e-mail and they have to fill it in and respond via e-mail (this also serves to check computer literacy).

Also, as what jobs they are and are not willing to perform? Like, do they realise the job includes children's laundry or are they expecting you to have a cleaner? Do they realise that cooking dinner includes scrubbing the pans? etc.?

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