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Childminders - who's got an MPV / People Carrier? ADVICE PLEASE.......

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HellyBelly Mon 15-Aug-05 08:36:13

Hi again

I've selling my Vauxhall Frontera and with the money I'm getting a people carrier. Not sure how much I'll have to spend but should be between £5000 - £6500?

Any advice, opinions etc????

Want one that doesn't guzzle the fuel too much so not really an automatic (as believe these use more fuel?)

Want to get somes idea's before actually selling my car.


HellyBelly Mon 15-Aug-05 08:36:43

p.s. sorry if there's a thread on this already - did check but nothing came up.

libbyss Mon 15-Aug-05 08:38:52

I always hear people rave about the Vaxhaull Zafira.

mumtosomeone Mon 15-Aug-05 08:39:16

Do you need a people carrier all the time?
I have a zafira and love it! not too big and versatile! Need a bigger one now though will miss it!

HellyBelly Mon 15-Aug-05 08:39:54

Oh yeah........would love one of those.........think it's out of my price range though

Please correct me if I'm wrong!! (just thought they were pretty new?)

HellyBelly Mon 15-Aug-05 08:40:58

Yes, need one a lot of the time for childminding. At the moment there are days when we have to walk to places and can't go too far as not enough room in the car

HellyBelly Mon 15-Aug-05 08:41:58

mumtosomeone - how come you need a bigger one then? Thought this was a 7 seater?

mumtosomeone Mon 15-Aug-05 08:54:30

I have 5 children so never have spare room plus no boot space at all. its ok if I can keep a seat down. You can pick them up quite cheap now!Not that new mine is a T

HellyBelly Mon 15-Aug-05 09:00:17

So it would be fine for childminding then as don't need luggage space!

Will have to research how much then

mumtosomeone Mon 15-Aug-05 09:04:29

i think it would be ideal! I like that you can put the seats in the back down and not have to find somewhere to store them!

HellyBelly Mon 15-Aug-05 09:09:16

Great, just need to do some research on prices. How much to fill your tank and how many miles does it roughly do to the tank. Also, what size engine is yours? Just trying to get some idea.

By the way, are we the only ones on here - you have replied to all my threads on mumsnet today

mumtosomeone Mon 15-Aug-05 09:11:35

i was thinking that too!!!
God engine size etc!!!lol!!
errr think its 1.6 no it cant be!!!
School runs etc cost me about 20 a week, but this week put in loads as we have been out and a bout 30 ish to fill the tank..getting more expensive though as prices are rocketing!!!!

HellyBelly Mon 15-Aug-05 09:28:45

That sounds ok to me. My Vauxhall Frontera (2.2 TDI) is £45 to fill and does 400 miles. Therefore, roughly 11p per mile. £20 would give us roughly 178 miles. Do you have a rough idea of how many miles for school runs? Don't worry if not, can do research on the net for that - just being lazy

mumtosomeone Mon 15-Aug-05 09:30:38

mmmmmmmmmm..feeling dumb here!!!a couple of miles so thats 4 times a day err 8ish? 5 days so thats 40? right?

HellyBelly Mon 15-Aug-05 09:32:26

Sounds about right. Costs a lot more than mine but then again, mine's diesel so is cheaper. I reckon you must have a fairly big engine though?!

mumtosomeone Mon 15-Aug-05 09:35:13

it needs a service too!!!!

HellyBelly Mon 15-Aug-05 09:37:53

Well I'm defo going to research these now as I thought would be out of my price range but you never know!

mumtosomeone Mon 15-Aug-05 09:41:54

is there a reg vardy near you? got good offers on i think. Upsetting people on here this morning!!

HellyBelly Mon 15-Aug-05 09:42:43

Yes, Reg Vardy in Reading so will have a look but garages always cost more as I've learnt from our Frontera!

Who've you upset???

mumtosomeone Mon 15-Aug-05 09:43:16

on a thread about falling off the bed!!!

HellyBelly Mon 15-Aug-05 09:45:36

Not seen that but will have a peek!

katymac Mon 15-Aug-05 09:51:23

Careful HellyBelly - you might need boot space as well, for buggies, changing bags, a potty (?), somewhere to put a carseat if you are using boosters or vice versa.

Lots of MPV's have very little boot space

HellyBelly Mon 15-Aug-05 09:54:51

Thanks for the warning, will bear that in mind!

HellyBelly Mon 15-Aug-05 09:55:53

Katymac - haven't you got one (or were you the one with the minibus?)?

FeelingOld Mon 15-Aug-05 10:24:06

HellyBelly - I have a Fiat Ullysse 2L diesel and I love it, we fit everyone in ok including my single and double buggy plus school bags etc, it also has sliding rear doors which is easier in car parks etc. I used to have a Renault Espace and I loved that too apart from that was petrol and was therefore a little more expensive to run.
The only drawback with people carriers is that you have to remember to drive into spaces in car parks and not reverse in cos the tailgate needs quite a lot of room to open it but it does shelter you in the rain when getting your buggy out and fitting the raincover on it.

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