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au-pair in London - social networks, meet ups?

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cjn27b Mon 21-Jun-10 21:50:54


We have an au-pair who recently started and I think the whole experience has been a bit of a shock. She desperately needs to meet other au-pairs and get a bit of a social life going, does anyone know of any au-pair meet ups in London? We're in the Greenwich area, but she can easily travel to other areas.


Julesnobrain Tue 22-Jun-10 00:45:25

I have a new AP starting in 2 weeks. She is Swiss. Want to swap details ?. We're in SW London. Raynes Park

NewTeacher Tue 22-Jun-10 09:45:32

facebook groups!

andagain Tue 22-Jun-10 11:07:42 is very good.

cjn27b Thu 24-Jun-10 15:29:48

Great - thank you ladies. And I'll ask our au-pair about swapping details and be back in touch.

cjn27b Fri 25-Jun-10 15:34:11

julesnobrain I can't send you a message with my details (you've requested no messages) can you send me yours please!

catepilarr Sat 26-Jun-10 12:10:25


or if she is czech /slovak - ,, or

AuPairtoLondon Mon 08-Aug-11 13:05:29

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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