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Childminders Club : Registration Question

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peckarollover Thu 11-Aug-05 17:58:15

I have had my registration visit a couple of weeks ago. I received a copy of DHs standard disclosure today. Does this mean the police checks are done and we are nearly there?

bonkerz Thu 11-Aug-05 18:06:41

YES IMO its the police checks and the doctors health check that take the longest!

peckarollover Thu 11-Aug-05 18:36:06

I know the doctors one was sent from my GPs to ofsted about 3 weeks ago.

HellyBelly Thu 11-Aug-05 23:07:15

I'm afraid I got all excited when I received my dh's disclosure but it took another couple of weeks or so to get mine as it takes longer with the enhanced one's

Hopefully yours will be quicker though

peckarollover Fri 12-Aug-05 08:24:43

Hehe HellyBelly oh well that is obviously what I am doing then! Back to the wait.....

peckarollover Fri 19-Aug-05 10:16:33


My enhanced disclosure has now come through. Do I need to do anything with them? ie send them off to ofsted or will ofsted have their own copy?

Tan1959 Fri 19-Aug-05 12:31:35

Hi Peckarollover

As I understand it, Ofsted will have their own copy.

jothorpe Fri 19-Aug-05 18:02:40

You will have been sent the Applicant Copy of the Enhanced CRB check. Ofsted will get their own copy for their records. It may take a few days for Ofsted's copy to arrive and get to the person(s) dealing with your application.

However, next week, call Ofsted and speak with the person(s) dealing with your application to check what is still outstanding. Tell them that your CRB has come through if they don't already have that, so that they can hunt through their post!

With luck you will be nearly there. You never know, you may be registered in time for the start of term.

Xena Fri 19-Aug-05 18:05:38

I was registered within 2 weeks of OFSTED recieving my CRB check well done

peckarollover Fri 19-Aug-05 18:20:58

woohoo hopefully I am nearly there which will be great as I have a few prospective maybe kids!

peckarollover Sat 20-Aug-05 08:21:39

Got my recommendation for registration letter this morning.

No actions or anything required by me to do just the number to ring up and pay the registration fee.

Should I be organising my childminders insurance now?

Tan1959 Sat 20-Aug-05 12:33:16

I organsied mine around the same stage that you were at so as it is all in place ready for when you begin.

HellyBelly Sat 20-Aug-05 12:57:50

Well done, yours went through quicker than mine but defo sounds like you're there now!!

Xena Sat 20-Aug-05 21:33:43

Yep your there now!!! Once youv'e paid your fee your registered!!!

JELLYJELLY Sat 20-Aug-05 21:58:46

I thought you had to have your registration certificate before you can start.

jothorpe Sat 20-Aug-05 22:31:40

Once you have paid your fee (I would suggest doing payment over the phone using a debit card or something similar - note the Payment Reference), contact Ofsted and tell the person dealing with your application that you have made payment and give them the Payment Reference. They can then check that payment has gone through and get your Certificate issued. Seeing that it's now the weekend, if payment goes through say on Monday, I would expect you to have certificate by Thursday at the latest, all being well.

You CAN NOT care for children until your certificate arrives, and you have insurance cover.

So you can start getting things in motion - for example, you can confirm with your insurers that you wish for insurance cover to start (if they need the registration reference number, use the one that is on your recommendation letter). Confirm with your car insurers (if you are using your car for transporting minded children) that you want your Business Use cover to start. Call the parents of children on your waiting list, to tell them the great news, etc.

Nice to hear that things are going along so quickly.

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