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Childminders: should i make an exception and lower my fees

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Diddle Mon 08-Aug-05 14:35:25

Okay to cut a long story short, I have a looked after a 6yr old girl for 2 yrs, she comes before and after school, and her mom has called today to say the breakfast and after school club at school is cheaper so she's sending her there instead. I can understand her need to save money, she is pregnant, baby due in Feb, so needs the money.
I have looked into the cost for the club and if i matched it to keep her i would be losing £77 a month, which is a lot but not as much as if i lost her completely. Plus I have not had much interest in spaces for a long time.

what would you do???

kcemum Mon 08-Aug-05 14:37:43

Diddle I have answered on your last thread and I'm in a lazy mood and can't summons the energy to repeat it but HIh

NomDePlume Mon 08-Aug-05 14:38:08

I would offer to reduce it by a reasonable amount (maybe so you only lose £50/£60 a month?), but I wouldn't necessarily offer a price match as your fist offer. If the mum didn't take the discounted price and yu really do think she'll put her DD in the breakfast club, then I'd price match.

NomDePlume Mon 08-Aug-05 14:38:52

as your first offer

Diddle Mon 08-Aug-05 14:41:13

thank you, read the other thread too kcemum.

Think i might offer the reduction, if i lose her i will lose £250 a month, can't afford that really

kcemum Mon 08-Aug-05 14:44:31

Agree with you, a deficit of £77 is easier to overcome than £250

Diddle Mon 08-Aug-05 14:53:56

yep, have just called the mom, and propositioned her she's coming round tonight to sort it out. She said it was purely financial and if i could match it, that would make a big difference. she hasn't told her daughter, she was dreading it. Hopefully she will stay with me.

kcemum Mon 08-Aug-05 15:04:15

Good luck and I hope you get the outcome you want. You never know she may be willing to meet you half way with your loss!

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