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Childminders Club: And I have a 'what should I do' too!

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lunavix Wed 03-Aug-05 20:25:08

I have a dilemma.

My only mindees are twins, who I have 10 hours a day, 3 days a week, although it may be going up to 4. It's very quiet around here!

However, I had a phone call regarding a little boy for before and after school care HOWEVER the mum doesn't even have a job yet! The school is about a mile at most away from my house. I'd be a bit concerned about mindees walking that far (only two next week) but it turns out the two mums are friends and their mum is happy for them to walk that far, and says they would to meet the little boy.

THen I had a phone call regarding a little girl, for before and after school care 2 days a week, to a school a mile at most away in the opposite direction! They've come and met me, and want me to have her. However, I'm not really feeling comfortable with the parents and she's 3, but she's starting full time school and doens't really look ready.

I can't hold out for the other person, I've asked mindees mum to remind her to call me if she needs me, which I'm hoping she does as the money will be a lot more and I'd be happier with a friends child, but obviously I can't hope for a job she doesn't have!

So what to do...

katymac Wed 03-Aug-05 20:31:56

Hard one lunavix, a bird in the hand and all that..but if you are uncomfortable with the parents, why not suggest a long trial period or ask the other mum to pay a deposit or retainer

Not much help am I?

lunavix Wed 03-Aug-05 20:35:40

No it's okay I know I need to do this on my own!

I'm just worried I'll find it difficult to say 'this has to stop' to the parents if I find it not working out. Plus it narrows my schools down!

THe stupid thing is I live behind a school but noone has EVER phoned me regarding it. So it would be typical I'd take this girl and another person would ring regarding the other school!

katymac Wed 03-Aug-05 20:53:54

That's why the long trial period - so you can back out

HellyBelly Thu 04-Aug-05 16:45:38

Can I just ask something about trial periods.

If I have someone who's paying me monthly, I will put a notice period of a month too. Am I therefore right in saying that the trial period would be anything UP TO a month as obviously after a month, you could just use the 'months notice' bit anyway??

I probably sound really thick or don't make sense (or both) but I just wanted to check.

katymac Thu 04-Aug-05 17:25:49

i often make a separate bit for the trial period, maybe 4 to six weeks paid up front (if I cancel they get it back, if they cancel they don't) and start the monthly after that, so that it's clear(IMO)

bobbybob Sat 06-Aug-05 05:22:52

I don't understand how a 3 year old can be at school!

I would ask the mum for a holding fee until she gets a job and needs you. Explain that without this you could end up picking up from a completely different school to hers.

NannyL Sat 06-Aug-05 10:53:56

bobby bob.... my charge started 'school' at 2 years 3 months..... in the nursary section of a very good prep school... this september she moves to kindergarten, next september reception.... and in a couple of years will be abale to board (tho im sure she will remain a day pupil)

she only goes 5 mornings and has lunch twice a week so those days is there until 1.45

howver she could (and many children her age do) go 9 - 3.30 every day.

bobbybob Sun 07-Aug-05 00:26:39

Okay, using that logic ds could have started school now too - I see.

lunavix Sun 07-Aug-05 10:14:38

bobby - it isn't nursery it's school!

She turns 4 two DAYS before she starts!!! I'm gobsmacked personally.

Well as it turns out the dad rang me and wants me to have her, so I'm awaiting ofsteds reply about the four days I'll be overlapping my numbers. I think they want me anyways, and will just sort themselves out if I can't.

The other mum rang back, and she wants me for holiday care at the moment, maybe before and after school....

So a question - what do you do for just holiday care? obviously if a parent wants that space for school and holiday care I will earn more, as I won't be paid anything during term time?

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