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*SIGH* She's resigned due to bombs. Any agencies in N London do live-out part time?

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majorstress Mon 01-Aug-05 09:02:36

The London bombers have put my nanny's Mum over the edge and she is going to blow HERSELF up if her darling doesn't come home to Czecho RIGHT NOW. Leaving my darlings and me with no one 3 days a week. I am lucky Nanny stood up enough to mummy to give me a months notice! Now I am back right where I started a year ago-getting notice just when it is most impossible to get anyone, and this time I have booked 2 weeks holiday starting next week as well in the US, which I now can't afford timewise or financially as I will have to take an unknown amount of unpaid leave to cover this crisis.

I really like her too. WHY DO WE LIVE HERE???

JOSIE3 Mon 01-Aug-05 09:10:05

All agencies will take live out positions. I can recommend Eden, very professional and don't waste your time with unsuitable applicants.

Otherwise, advertise on
or look at greataupairs (can't remember if it's .com or They do nannies and au pairs.

It may be worth looking into a nanny share too.

Good luck.

majorstress Mon 01-Aug-05 09:19:58

Thanks JOSIE3, the reason I posted is I just got told by one big established local firm, that I thought would be prefectly placed to help me out as they are nearby, they only do full time live in. So that's very helpful about Eden. I guess this is a nanny share, since I at least already have other arrangements on Mon and Tues thank heavens, but I want the NANNY not ME to sort out her other days, I don't want to know what she does on the other days.

I got my last one from gumtree, after much searching on the other such DIY resources, she's great but has only lasted 5 months, and the stress of having 100s of unsuitable people constantly emailing, ringing, and even coming to the house uninvited in one case was too great. That weekend of interviews was absolute hell, and then I had my mum to childmind while I did it; she had a stroke on the plane on the way home so I have no support at all now even to do the searching.

Blu Mon 01-Aug-05 09:22:18

And try simplychildcare.
Wide range of people offereing p/t, temporary, everything.
And no expensive agency fees.

goldenoldie Mon 01-Aug-05 09:50:23

If you get another AP you might want to put a clause in the contract to encourage them to stay for the year - or whatever period you want - say a cash bonus or a flight ticket home or payment for a course?

The problem we found is that if we made it clear we wanted someone for at least a year all the APs would say that was what they wanted too, but nearly all would move on after 6 or 9 months, some used feeble excuses, some lied and some were honest (at the end of the six months - not before)and told us they had always planned to go back to university/job/family at this time or they wanted to earn more money/move closer to friends or whatever.

What becaome very clear is that many of these girls/boys lied to us just to get the job and were prepared to leave us in the lurch when it suited them.

Have to say i would be suspicious that mummy wants her back urgently but is prepared to wait for her darling to work a months notice? Not that this helps you....................

Good luck

majorstress Mon 01-Aug-05 11:21:22

Thanks! That is a good idea to do the bonus, I meant to but forgot back in April! Though in fact this time I don;t think it would have worked, I really don't think she is lying in this case, it was developing before the bombings and I think she has tried hard to resolve the situation, including a very inconvenient (for me) visit home in June to try to sort things out. Her mum has become mentally unstable, her siblings have tried hard to help but now are asking her to come back as they are very worried about the mum, and Nanny isn't happy to be manipulated like this, I believe. She's not slacking off at all having decided to go, and we all love her. She hopes to come back in a couple of months, but understands that by then I won't have a job anymore, or may have found a replacement who I might not want to just dump. I have already used up my annual leave and my bosses' patience with problems all year, and DH has asked me to quit work, though we will really suffer in the long run. I really don;t have the stomach for any of it anymore.

So I thought maybe an agency would help me find a temp while we work out what to do, but only need a couple of days a week and can't pay over the odds either. And of course it is the dog days of August.

majorstress Mon 01-Aug-05 16:07:05

Somehow, I thought that if I forgot about the live-in au pair option, paid a good wage and all the tax, perks and paid leave for 3 days a week, for a good person who could find work on the other 2 days, I would not have a huge problem finding someone - but it hasn't made any difference at all!

uwila Mon 01-Aug-05 21:21:24

Oh my goodness... I can believe you are looking again. Three's a charm you know.

uwila Mon 01-Aug-05 21:22:24

can't, not "can"

bluebear Mon 01-Aug-05 23:14:36

Haven't had time to read whole thread - just wondered if it was worth you trying website (puts people who want to share nannys in touch with each other) - don't know if it's any good.
Good luck.

expatkat Tue 02-Aug-05 00:19:21

I actually know of a nanny who needs work 3 days a week starting in a month's time. She worked for me for 3 years (& is filling in for me this summer) and worked for my friend for 2 years, and worked in a montessori nursery school for a year. I can't recomend her highly enough. If you want her details, CAT me. She's Polish, speaks very good English, and lives is Willesden (N. London).

majorstress Tue 02-Aug-05 10:21:52

Many thanks. Feeling slightly more positive, for no good reason really! Thinking of dropping to 2 days per week for starters, by holding boss to his agreement of working at home so I can do nursery and school runs Fridays. Thoug that will reduce the interest in the job perhaps. That nanny share website looks great, I am questioning them though as some websites I signed up for before turned out to be a pain-one had drop-down boxes that kept reverting to the wrong information about the job by themselves (apologies but no effective action resulted from my complaints), and another one I daftly put an ad on for evening babysitting separate from the daily nanny (hollow laughter, as if we will ever have time and money to do anything but work while kids are being minded), has no way to remove the ad once you find someone. It is supposed to go after a month but three months later and a complaint, I was still getting pestered by unwanted applicants. They have just dried up, in time for me to start it all again with my latest nanny's resignation. Which adds to my feeling of continually searching for childcare, instead of enjoying my little free time.

majorstress Tue 02-Aug-05 10:27:22

Eden looks lovely though pretty pricey, fees are 6 weeks of the salary-presumably I have to pay that all again when the next one gets bored with the view out my kitchen window in a few weeks time. I wonder what they actually do for all that money? I've never used an agency before with any success. I am a veteran of greataupair, the pool is too big really of people who don't have a clue what is required of the job or problems of moving around London. And as I said, I found the interviewing (phone and in person) so extremely stressful, I am no good at it, no judge of people at all, and have no relatives or friends to back me up. I wondered if agencies relieve any of THAT at all. I can easily trawl through lists of applicants, and compare details about them, it's the actual personal side I can't handle well. SO far the agencies I tried just gave me either a name, or at most a very brief form filled in badly by the applicant, and a phone number, which usually didnt work!

majorstress Tue 02-Aug-05 10:30:07

Obvioulsy I have to interview a few people in person, I realise that! But last time I had too many no-hopers despite my best efforts to weed them out beforehand by phone. Would an agency really narrow them down or just send me whoever they had?

Fio2 Tue 02-Aug-05 10:43:11

I am looking into a temp au pair and someone sent me this link here it says they do nanny's too, else I wouldnt have mentioned it

lucy01 Tue 02-Aug-05 13:05:50


i have just posted but we are looking for a nanny share for our nanny to get her hours up so that she won't leave us (we only use her pt 4 days a week). would you be interested in a friday? we are in N10 but she lives in N6.

CAT if so.


majorstress Tue 02-Aug-05 13:40:24

Thanks, Fio2. This is greataupair-this was my hobby for a while, constantly searching this and paying for membership so I could get the email address of perfect-sounding people from all over the world. The AP I eventually got (on the 3rd attempt and out of many many hours of searching) was pretty useless and annoying, and I finally snapped, got rid of her and found a nicer, better and very importantly for us, LOCAL, one by advertising on gumtree. Partly it was because we found we can't stand having wierd people livng in our house anymore, I admit, and we found we could get by with an expensive live-out nanny for less days plus the cheap but rather brutal afterschool club to make up the shortfall. But now the problem that plagues all these one-person solutions has arisen, she has decided to quit after only a few months of bliss. You really have to devote yourself to greataupair to get much out of it, being American based IS a problem, for example you can't just search for EU people-I had A LOT of dodgy people without the right to remain trying to con me (you are very liable if their papers aren;t in order). Stuff like the ability to swim, which I screened people out on, did not translate into the WILLINGNESS to go to a 30 minute toddler swim session, and resulted in a lot of lies and strife.

uwila Tue 02-Aug-05 16:22:40

Are you totally opposed to the live-in option?

I talked to an Italian girl who seemed pretty nice when I was looking for my new nanny (who arrives in 4 days!! ). I could pass her details along to you if you want. But as she is coming from Italy she would obviously require accommodation.

(she has a reference from a family in London so the experience isn't new to her)

Ameriscot2005 Tue 02-Aug-05 19:40:36

I prefer Aupairworld over Greataupair - mainly because it has mostly European girls, and mostly western Europeans at that.

It doesn't have such a good search function, but it's easy enough to screen out the girls that don't meet the basic criteria.

jura Tue 02-Aug-05 19:58:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

uwila Tue 02-Aug-05 20:34:34

hiya jura. yep, that's the one. Small world.

majorstress Wed 03-Aug-05 09:12:24

hi uwila

I think I will keep trying to get a live out, I have only just started to search. Nursery says no way, they are full until further notice, so I made my bed! Trying to look on the bright side, at least we have had someone good who I like for a little while! S

on other hand, maybe should try miss fg-did she meet your exacting requirments must be ok then! good luck with new puppy...

majorstress Wed 03-Aug-05 09:49:55

oh and want to say that the nanny diary suggestion was seized and taken on with delight by my current lady, she's done a great job on it and it is very helpful esp at this potty training stage.

majorstress Wed 03-Aug-05 09:51:04

thanks ameriscot, I had forgotten about aupair world, must look at it again...I agree it is pretty good due to its euro bias.

uwila Wed 03-Aug-05 09:58:12

For an overview, she seemed very nice, loves kids, doesn't like dogs (a bit afraid of them according to a reference), she's young 20s. She like to cook (italian mostly). She was willing to do a bit of housework. She also wasn't too terribly expensive.

But, there's a catch. She has to return to Italy for a few months to complete her degree (at least this was the case last time I spoke to her a couple of months ago). Jura, have you spoken to her more recently?

If you are still interested, I can pass along her contact details?

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