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peckarollover Mon 25-Jul-05 21:32:21

Im starting to get worried about thursdays inspection - what exactly will she be looking for?

popsycal Mon 25-Jul-05 21:33:08

have you started your cleaning yet?

ok lets be serious

AuntyQuated Mon 25-Jul-05 21:34:21

marriage cert

mot for your car

car insurance docu

these are things i wasn't expecting

multi-cultural toys/books

peckarollover Mon 25-Jul-05 21:36:53

do i have to notify my car insurance company that i intend to childmind?

AuntyQuated Mon 25-Jul-05 21:37:25

you have to check thast you are covered

ThePrisoner Mon 25-Jul-05 22:03:23

You should have business rate insurance for your vehicle if it's used for transporting mindees.

Ensure you know signs of abuse and correct procedure re. suspicions of abuse.

katymac Mon 25-Jul-05 22:31:35

Think about what might happen

ie situations you don't have.....what would happen if?

Remember it's OK to say - I don't know, or I don't understand what you are asking me?

Loads of luck

(lots of Multicultural stuff)

ThePrisoner Mon 25-Jul-05 23:42:44

Think about what you would do in emergency (eg. leaving children with someone else?, getting out of house in case of fire?)

You may be asked what safety stuff you have in place in any given room - can just say what you have done to ensure safety. You don't have to show each and every safety feature, just be verbally able to say, for instance, "I'll have a stairgate here, there's safety plugs here, my car seats will be brand new, I always use reins/wrist-straps, I will always check toys and equipment for signs of damage etc."

As well as multi-cultural stuff, they are very keen on disability issues (something which can be very hard to "reflect" in your normal working day - you can get some brilliant fiction children's books via NCMA/Amazon).

This all sounds really serious and rather daunting, and I am beginning to worry myself about my next inspection! It really won't be that bad, your inspector IS human (I read it somewhere!), so put the kettle on and just have a chat!!

peckarollover Tue 26-Jul-05 08:33:24

I think I am wholly unprepared! Im not even on any of the courses until september so I thought this would be quite informal until I had done the required training!

Where can I get multi cultural toys before thursday at 9am!?

HellyBelly Tue 26-Jul-05 09:02:01

If this is your first visit then I wouldn't be as worried. I know all inspectors are different but as long as you show that you are aware of these things by saying I will get this and that, you should be fine.

I found a few good multicultural toys on ebay.


feelingold Tue 26-Jul-05 09:52:46

When I had my first inspection I didn't have everything in place so I just made a list of all of my things to do eg get a stairgate for xxx, buy more multicultural toys/books, get my fire blanket put up in kitchen near door, get a better bolt on garden gate etc. My inspector (who was extremely nice by the way) said this was ok because it showed I had put a lot of thought into what needed doing and as long as I did the things on my list this was fine.
On my 2nd inspection the inspector (another really nice one, aren't I lucky?) just made sure that I had done all of the things on my 'to do' list and everything was ok.
The only thing I forgot was to get my parents to sign the permission form for emergency medical treatment which is in the ncma accident/medicine book, but my grade was still good.
Good luck and try not to worry, we have all had inspections and survived to tell the tale .

AuntyQuated Tue 26-Jul-05 10:16:08

first aid kit
fire blanket

don't buy multi-cultural toys,(ELC do cheap m-c dolls with willies, kills 2 birds sts) but you could get some books out of the library that reflect a mixed society inc disabilities, other cultures/races, etc

katymac Tue 26-Jul-05 13:59:29

Make a wish list of the toys/resources you will buy (at some time in the future)

ThePrisoner Tue 26-Jul-05 22:56:20

I agree with feelingold. All you need to do with the inspector is at least show that you have thought about various issues, and are aware of what you need to do. Especially as you haven't even done courses, don't panic about inspection! We (well, me in particular) tend to moan about OFSTED inspectors/inspections, but it's coz we have to have a good moan about something ... everything else is confidential!!!

peckarollover Wed 27-Jul-05 21:43:31

Well, it is my inspection tomorrow. The house is clean tidy and safe I think.

I have put together a little folder containing the policies I have been working on and also a list of points I want to make.

ie detailing what equipment i intend to buy
what safety measures i dont take at the moment but will do before i start (extra stair gate etc)

things like that

Do you think this is ok?

katymac Wed 27-Jul-05 21:58:25

It sounds fine
Lots of luck

ThePrisoner Wed 27-Jul-05 22:35:33

When your inspector arrives - put the kettle on (ensuring it's well out of reach), and make a cup of tea/coffee (but leave in an inaccesible place until they've developed a skin and are nicely lukewarm), and just relax! Easy peasy! Very good luck!!

feelingold Wed 27-Jul-05 22:53:57

Good luck!!

peckarollover Thu 28-Jul-05 12:21:17

Well its all over and wasnt bad at all! In fact I think she was rather impressed.

She said a few times how much thought and preperation I had gone to and how very often people dont.

She is recommending me for registration and for maximum numbers and said that there was only positive things on her notes

Thanks for the encouragement!

feelingold Thu 28-Jul-05 15:32:12

Congratulations and well done
Told you it would be ok, now all you have to do is do all the things on your list and when your certificate comes through you will be ready to go.

katymac Thu 28-Jul-05 15:44:48

Congratulations - I'm really pleased for you (but not surprised - I expected it)

HellyBelly Thu 28-Jul-05 20:20:59

Well done!!!

Xena Thu 28-Jul-05 20:22:20

Well done

ThePrisoner Thu 28-Jul-05 20:48:23

Nice one!

peckarollover Fri 29-Jul-05 11:17:14

Thanks everyone How far away do you think I am now from being registered?

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