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CM Club:I need to pick your brains about Outdoor Learning please.

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Katymac Mon 05-Apr-10 19:42:28

I may be able to access some funding for outdoor learning (not because of childminding I don't think it's another pot)

But I have to buy stuff, not things I can make stuff with or people to do stuff just things I can buy from high street shops and no plants - which makes things quite difficult.

So I need idea on how to develop outdoor learning and to know what works well in your outdoor spaces in order to plan my proposal

I will also be posting on the Gardening bit to get extra ideas

emmaforestschools1 Mon 29-Feb-16 15:54:55

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Katymac Tue 13-Apr-10 18:28:26

I agree - Thank you

flowerPowere Tue 13-Apr-10 18:08:27

oh ok :D im hoping to go this weekend ut if not very soon, ill let you know what goodies i find, i love ikea, very inspirational!

Katymac Tue 13-Apr-10 18:07:12

If they have the bit pots (60 cm square) I will come & buy them myself (we have family close by) - so just let me know

flowerPowere Tue 13-Apr-10 18:01:35

i go to ikea all the time if you wanted me to look and courier some pots onto you i can?

flowerPowere Tue 13-Apr-10 18:00:48

could you buy large storge tubs

Katymac Tue 13-Apr-10 16:23:34

The grant application has to go in tomorrow - any more?

Katymac Sun 11-Apr-10 18:54:01

These are all things I have or want to add

I have a wigwam which we cover, barristers for threading, we are ordering tools & a sandpit, adapting blackboard to go outside, Nick suggested guttering.....I just need to find somewhere to put it & we have some logs we are going to smooth off for seating (I can order some for other things)

Ripeberry Sun 11-Apr-10 17:28:34

I've recently had my Ofsted inspection and she loved the fact that the children could play with lenghts of guttering, they had child sized watering cans, outdoor blackboards, threading trellis (trellis with lots of ribbons to thread), cut off pieces of log to use as building blocks and an area to grow their own veg.
The rest of the garden is grassed with a playhouse and a sandpit.
I don't even have a slide, swing or trampoline.
Also, it's good to have some bamboo poles and old sheeting or blankets to make dens.

Katymac Tue 06-Apr-10 22:55:22

Not on-line sad....thanks

navyeyelasH Tue 06-Apr-10 22:50:31

I am rubbish with dimensions but ikea sell massive outdoor plastic pots now!

Katymac Tue 06-Apr-10 22:32:50


nannynick Tue 06-Apr-10 22:30:28

Zinc Coated Steel but they are £55 each.

Katymac Tue 06-Apr-10 22:29:23

& the holes they sit on/in (on the patio/lawn) are 60cm squre

Katymac Tue 06-Apr-10 22:25:52

Well I don't want wooden ones again as they rot

We plant strawberries & tomatoes & a dwarf apple in them

nannynick Tue 06-Apr-10 22:21:55

60cm x 60cm x 60cm potato planter - again probably not what you are wanting.

What are the tubs for? Do they have to be plastic?

Katymac Tue 06-Apr-10 22:21:04

Thanks Nick - but would need to be deeper

I have 4 wooden ones atm but they are rotting sad

nannynick Tue 06-Apr-10 22:19:38

Not sure you will have any luck finding 2ftx2ft plastic tubs. I've been looking a while and not finding anything suitable.

60cm x 60cm x 7am Tray - guess you want something deeper though.

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 06-Apr-10 21:54:18

any time x x x

Katymac Tue 06-Apr-10 21:53:18

Fabulous ideas - Thanks to both of you

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 06-Apr-10 21:24:26


what about a Weather Station??

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 06-Apr-10 21:22:55

ooh nick they look great

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 06-Apr-10 21:22:21

sorry Katy, going too fast

I have got these, v sturdy and a rake not on the website at the mo

this looks good too

nannynick Tue 06-Apr-10 21:22:00

Tools from Garden Tools

Katymac Tue 06-Apr-10 21:21:56

Like guttering but I'm not sure where

I also need (not from the grant) some 2ft square plastic tubs?

We have a deck 4m by 5m

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