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CM Club:I need to pick your brains about Outdoor Learning please.

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Katymac Mon 05-Apr-10 19:42:28

I may be able to access some funding for outdoor learning (not because of childminding I don't think it's another pot)

But I have to buy stuff, not things I can make stuff with or people to do stuff just things I can buy from high street shops and no plants - which makes things quite difficult.

So I need idea on how to develop outdoor learning and to know what works well in your outdoor spaces in order to plan my proposal

I will also be posting on the Gardening bit to get extra ideas

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twinklytoes Mon 05-Apr-10 20:18:19

google forest schools, might help.

Katymac Mon 05-Apr-10 20:41:13

I have my level 1 Forest School......blush

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coral Mon 05-Apr-10 20:44:45

Have a look here I went on a very inspiring course on outdoor play led by the lady who founded the nature kindergarten. The key is to use as many natural resources as possible eg stones, shells, whicker baskets, wood stuff etc and to create natural places within the outdoor area for the children to explore and play in eg whicker hideaways, digging pit areas, wooden poled structures for them to make outdoor camps in with large pieces of material etc The article on physical features might be of particular interest to you.

Hope this helps. Coral

Katymac Mon 05-Apr-10 20:56:28

Oh wow coral - what a lot of lovely lots of ideas to make them ourselves more cheaply

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navyeyelasH Mon 05-Apr-10 21:17:23

I could think of millions of things as I'm doing my garden. Can you buy things (like rope) to make things? Or does it have to be bought as a whole concept?

How much space do you have and how much can you spend? I might be able to live my garden dreams vicariously!

Katymac Mon 05-Apr-10 21:23:05

Umm - lots (don't really want to say)

I have to link to ECM or EYFS & what I can justify enough I might get

Garden is 50 ft by 60 ft (I think)
I have a covered deck 20sqm, a veg bed, a wigwam frame also see here

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navyeyelasH Mon 05-Apr-10 22:24:21

Ok off the top of my head and I have a "I want list" somewhere but:

**Hopscotch made from natural materials
**a dug out sandpit (but don't think you could get that?)
**A climbing wall / net
**A covered area with sort of fixed seating that transforms into storage and inside are texture/treasure buckets/baskets
**A habitat hotel
**Like a mini sort of assault course using natural objects like logs and stuff
**outside chalkboard pain in a colour other than black
**A natural picnic area, made from logs
**A big clmbing or exploring object of some natural description - you can get tree stumps that have been shaped especially
**I know no plants but what about a willow/sweet pea tunnel?
**What about a thingy - maybe called a rill. Like a little water stream with a pump that you float things down/splash in
**Massive windsocks/flag type banner things

I could go on but I think most of my things are a bit "makey"

The thing is all my things are all thngs to sort of make?

navyeyelasH Mon 05-Apr-10 22:24:53

A TREE HOUSE!!!!!!!!

Scarfmaker Tue 06-Apr-10 00:14:45

I've made a "fairy garden" at the bottom of mine!

Got some big tree trunks sawn off from local park and smaller ones. Have been collecting metal, plastic, wooden fairies from craft fairs, etc. and just placing them everywhere.

Have also got a doorway and a sign saying "sshh fairies live here". Then added some ceramic frogs, bits of old ivy, big pebbles which insects can hide under etc.

Been doing this for around 3 years now and have so many fairies and small insects that it's taking over the bottom of my garden but the kids love it.

Even now my own always look out for ornamental fairies when we are on holiday etc.

HSMM Tue 06-Apr-10 06:35:15

A big shed. Waterproof clothes. Sandpit.

atworknotworking Tue 06-Apr-10 08:13:37

I think you definately need a chakoozie grin

Some lovely ideas on here and the garden thread, I'd love a willow tunnell, I watched waybaloo last week blush and the garden on their is lovely with little bridges and twinkly windchimes, so relaxing.

I would also love some coloured astro turf, you can even get stripey stuff now. How about some mirrors, or little dorways that lead to secret places, or a maze.

Soo jealous btw

Katymac Tue 06-Apr-10 13:24:59

What's a chakoozie?

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atworknotworking Tue 06-Apr-10 13:31:06

hot tub can't spell

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 06-Apr-10 13:37:38

oh hah hah at chakoozie


Katymac Tue 06-Apr-10 19:54:57


Come on - I have sandpit, rubber matting, butterfly hose, buckets, water carrier

What else?

I'm with you Navy - all my things are makey things (love the rill idea)

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BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 06-Apr-10 21:09:47

I am LOVING the rain chain

Katymac Tue 06-Apr-10 21:11:48

So do I but my neighbours have complained about the windchimes

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BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 06-Apr-10 21:12:47

What about a swing?


Katymac Tue 06-Apr-10 21:13:34

Have three one

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Katymac Tue 06-Apr-10 21:14:19

Didn't see the that for them...or me grin

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BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 06-Apr-10 21:16:42

heh heh

The children would love it

and so would you

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 06-Apr-10 21:17:23

also have you got proper tools for cultivating?

Katymac Tue 06-Apr-10 21:18:08

We are moving our existing swings so they are between the fence and some soon to be planted bamboo to limit accident space

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Katymac Tue 06-Apr-10 21:18:34

Hmm no - good idea - where from?

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