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shift workers-how do you arrange childcare? I need an someone to arrange my life for me.

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brimfull Wed 24-Mar-10 18:10:14

I ama nurse
Have just started new job about a month ago.
I work 3 shifts a week
earlys-7:30-3:30-I rarely get off on time, usually 20-30min late

lates 1:30-9:30

dd-18yrs helps out in the mornings as dh leaves for work at 5:30
she can't pick ds (7yrs) up from school as she finishes later than him

My shifts change each week .

After school club is a poss, can I change the days each week?

Since I started I have had friends pick ds up and I have collected from their house. Don't really want to rely on then anymore as I am always late and stressed and fear pissing people off. Would rather have a confirmed arrangement.

What do you do ??

Looking for inspiration.

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ambercat Wed 24-Mar-10 18:17:08

i had this problem, near impossible to find flexible childcare, am on the nurse bank now and work when dh can have children. sorry not much help.

juneybean Wed 24-Mar-10 18:18:23

Some nannies (myself include) work to a one month rota, if you can offer a set number of hours per week. I personally would then fit in a nursery supply job around this.

MaureenMLove Wed 24-Mar-10 18:21:00

It is possible to find CM's that will work around your shifts. I used to CM for a nurse, who dropped off at 6am and I know there are CM's on here, who do late evenings too.

plus3 Wed 24-Mar-10 18:28:01

Possibly not very helpful, but I work set shifts eg every tuesady and wednesday, and my DM or MIL pick the DC up to and from school.

My manager is very keen to keep me (I work in PICU) but am aware that I am not being much of a team player with regards to not doing nights, but see it as a short term thing until DC are a bit older. If I didn't have my mum to help I would probably have to try and find a CM.

brimfull Wed 24-Mar-10 18:38:22

after 5 is not a problem as dh is home

I am dreading when dd leaves in september and won't be here in the mornings .

Dh was all "oh I'll beable to pick ds up in the afternoons"-now realising he can't...great hmm

May approach work and ask for set shifts but can't see it really.

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hennipenni Wed 24-Mar-10 19:00:51

Try childminders in your area, I have looked after doctors and nurses children and started early or finished late and was able to accomodate different days etc. I'm about to sign up another child who's parents are both shift workers. As a former nurse working shifts I know how hard it can be, but persevere and you should find somebody.

brimfull Wed 24-Mar-10 19:11:22

What's the best way to find childminders ?

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PinkChick Wed 24-Mar-10 19:48:39

i work with trainee nurses now and as long as the communication stays on top we get through it fine...mine can give me their hours 2-3 weeks in advance, sometimes they change, it may be possible i cant help at some point if they request a time when my ratios are full..however if your LO is 7, then he's on the cusp of not being in our limited ratios (age 8 and above) therefor most cm's would be ok about chopping and changing now and again as he wont be taking up a full time your local family information service(google within your local council) and they will give you a list of local cm's..or go on there may be some listing themselves in your area. Good Luck

brimfull Wed 24-Mar-10 20:00:19

thanks pinkchick
had a look on that site and only one in my town
will contact family services tomorrow

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PinkChick Wed 24-Mar-10 21:27:28

Where are you ggirl?
You could even try googling "childminders in ...." where ever you are it will bring up some results?..good luck

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