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Childminders Club - Expenses help please!!!

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lunavix Thu 21-Jul-05 19:45:55

Slack as I am I haven't started these [more blushing]

I have been keeping all my receipts, but haven't started writing everything down.

I started minding in April this year, but was registered in December. As such, I bought a lot of items between August (when I did ICP) and this April for my minding eg toys cot etc. However I didn't claim them back tax wise last year, as I didn't earn anything, as I wasn't minding.

So can I claim them back against this years earnings?

lunavix Thu 21-Jul-05 20:21:17


ThePrisoner Thu 21-Jul-05 21:22:04

I had my accounts checked once by IR (just routine, nothing dodgy!), and they were OK with the fact that I hadn't got receipts for everything anyway (even large items over £10). If they had come to visit my house, they would have been able to see the things that I had bought. Some were items bought second-hand and some were items that I'd just mislaid receipts for.

katymac Fri 22-Jul-05 07:37:35

I would - and if the IR ever asks - say I thought it was OK as they were legitimate business expenses

I think we did that

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