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Childminder's Club:Why do I bother?

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katymac Tue 19-Jul-05 22:57:10

I'm not having a very good day/week

After loosing a big contract - I was ringing round to get extra work. I rang BUPA who couldn't help

Ran Social Services to ask if I could do emergency or respite care (thinking children with additional needs)

But they don't think I'd be any use as I don't work weekends

ThePrisoner Tue 19-Jul-05 23:22:03

Do you know any other local minders who might have parents looking for cover when their childminder is on holiday? (Did that make sense??)

katymac Tue 19-Jul-05 23:32:42

Hmm maybe

I'm more annoyed that with all the SN courses I've been on - I can't help unless I do weekends

ThePrisoner Wed 20-Jul-05 00:39:14

I've had SN placements from SS and they've never asked for weekends!

feelingold Wed 20-Jul-05 12:36:53

Have you tried surestart?
Also agree about seeing if other minders need cover for their holidays, we as a group help to cover each other.

SoupDragon Wed 20-Jul-05 12:38:17

Would have thought that weekends made little difference in the school holidays from a repiste point of view. Madness.

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