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CHILDMINDER CLUB: thought id share this!!

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bonkerz Sun 17-Jul-05 17:49:02

Just thought id share this with you, am terrified cos this is the first summer holidays i will be minding and have lots of day trips planned but dont want to lose the 6 kids i will be minding so have just ordered these! I think they are the cheapest and although they are disposable i reckon they are great value!


goosey Sun 17-Jul-05 18:09:26

That's a really sensible idea isn't it. Of course you don't intend to lose any but it's very prudent to have such a practical system in place should an emergency occur. I might order some myself. Thanks.

ayla99 Mon 18-Jul-05 11:04:32

ID wristbands are a great idea. you can get reusable ones from

Identify Me

feelingold Mon 18-Jul-05 11:43:53

Thanks for that I have just ordered some, they will just give me that little extra peace of mind.

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