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Childminders Club: I'm going to resign.

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BethAndHerBrood Wed 13-Jul-05 19:53:37

I got registered last august. In september i took on an after school on a 4 week trial - he lasted 3 weeks and then he had to go! I got a baby during that time for 3 full days a week, and that was perfect. Then a place at a nursery came up and off he went. And that was that!!

I haven't had anybody else since and only a couple of enquiries - one was a no go because we walk home from school and her little darling couldn't possibly manage!!! The other never got back to me.

Now it is the time of year for renewing policies and memberships and i don't think it's worth it, apart from the fact i would have to ask DH to pay for it all. He would if i asked him, but that's not the point.

Sorry for the rant, don't know what i expect you to say, feel free to say nothing!!! I feel a bit better now anyway!!!

HellyBelly Wed 13-Jul-05 20:24:37

Can only be quick but I wanted to say something. Do you know what sort of competition you have in your area? Just wondered as it varies from place to place. I've not got that many minders in my area but then again, the CIS don't get that many calls. All my enquiries have been through my own adverts and website, just wondered if you've tried all that.

Wish I could say something useful , just didn't want to ignore you

katymac Wed 13-Jul-05 20:39:01

Aw Beth tha's awful - I don't know what to say - I am sorry

feelingold Wed 13-Jul-05 23:51:39

What will you do if you give it all up??
Would it be worth just re-newing your insurance this once and having one last advertising frenzy before calling it a day cos it would be such a shame after going through the registration and inspection process.
I got 4 out of my 5 mindees by having a large poster in the top of my front window.
I paid £9.99 for a cd-rom 'make your own posters and signs' and made my own with very large writing so that everyone who passed couldn't fail to see it. It's worth a try.
It's really disheartening I know cos I had been registered for 5 months before I got my first mindee, got my 2nd 2 months after that. Now 1 year on I have got 3 more in just the last month (all of mine are only part time).
Good luck to you whatever you decide.

ThePrisoner Thu 14-Jul-05 00:49:22

Although it means spending money to renew insurance etc., I agree with feelingold that it would be such a shame to give up after all the hard work entailed in getting registered in the first place.

Your very next job could be just a phone call away!! Contact your local CIS - ours will put those who do this at the top of the list that goes out to parents, so that they will hopefully get the 1st phone calls.

Will the school give your number to parents who need holiday or before/afterschool care? Stick an advert in your car/dh's car/anybody's car. Do you live in an area suitable for a leaflet drop? Give out leaflets/business cards at toddler groups etc. I'm sure you've read all the threads on ways to get business!

This job can be very lonely and very demoralising at times! Keep going, especially if dh is supportive.

Skribble Thu 14-Jul-05 01:00:57

Ask at your school, play groups if you can put up a card. Even a small ad in the jobs section of local paper. Mums looking for a new job will see this.

I suppose that being a newly registered childminder may have put people off. Sell your good points, the fact that you walk home from school may appeal to many, home cooking, big garden or play room. Whatever youv'e got flaunt it. It might not seem special to you but a mum in a flat with a toddler in a busy nursery might love the idea of a garden or big rooms or trips to the park and individual attention.

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