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MaryP0p1 Wed 13-Jul-05 17:14:45

We have just moved abroad and I am started to look for work. I don't speak Italian very well but am learning fast. An Au pair job has just come up about 15 minutes drive from my house. They want part time, non italian(English) speaker. The agency is based in London. I just rang the agency to find out more and even though I am a qualified nanny with more than 10 years experience (including running a nursery) and am looking only for part time work they WILL NOT put me forward because I am not looking for live in. He didn't even look at the file as he asked for the reference number which I didn't take down. The jumped up little ** put the phone down when I said so you won't even consult the family about me. AHHHHHHH I hate agencies.

uwila Wed 13-Jul-05 17:58:42

What about seekin English speakers at a nearby church. wonder if the British, Australian and/or American Embassies could help?

hovely Wed 13-Jul-05 21:44:21

is there any way you could get to the family direct? sorry if I am being naive, don't know how you found out about the job.

katymac Wed 13-Jul-05 21:46:53

Can you put an ad offering work in a place they might see

MaryP0p1 Thu 14-Jul-05 07:32:58

No I found the job on nannyjob and there is no contact details so can't see the family. Its not that I know I even want the job because I don't know enough about it.What annoyed the hell out of me was the attitude of the man. Its amazing what a litttle power does to an insecure man and how unpleasant people can be for no reason. The agency what Totalnannies. Please nobody ever use them.

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