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Childminders Club: Should I accept???? URGENT

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HellyBelly Wed 13-Jul-05 15:43:36

Hi guys

I'm after some opinions. I know they will probably vary but I'd like to see why people would/wouldn't accept this. Sorry, bit long!

I'm became registered at the end of May. I live in an area with not so many childminders but also, not lots of enquiries through CIS (all my calls have been through adverts/website, nothing through cis).

At the mo I have 1 mindee (2) Mon-Wed (8.30 - 6.30). I wanted another full timer but believe this is harder to get and lots of people end up with several part timers?? Fine by me if can fill the spaces over time.

Just had lady round who wants me to start next week. Tues, Thurs and every other Friday. SO, I'd have my current mindee and new one (18 months) on a Tuesday. She also wants me to have 2 more kids (5 & 9) over summer hols etc. so bit of a house full (also have my ds who's 2 so the most in one go would be 5 kiddies ) but only 2 days a week (3 days every other week).

I've been told that the 9 yr old girl is really helpful with the little ones.

The lady has also told me she understands if I get a better offer later down the line and would rather I accepted and then ended contract early than for me to turn her down altogether.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO??? What problems can you envisage??

I need to let her know tonight!


badgerhead Wed 13-Jul-05 16:24:33

Go for it, I have either 5,6 or 7 kids every day in the hols except for our holiday for 2 weeks & definitey find the older ones like the babies. Although my eldest dd at nearly 12 is already saying 'i'm going to be bored' so i've told her organise visiting friends or getting them round to me lol. As she says you xcan olnly try I would suggest the whole holidays as a 'settling in' period so as to not worry about giving notice if it isn't working & then go from there. Think the money is useful, do you drive & if so do you have enough room in your car to get out on odd days to lessen the 'strain' of staying at home & making it easier for the older children to enjoy themselves.

lunavix Wed 13-Jul-05 16:54:33

I'd go for it, the only problem I see is if say you get offered someone full time like you wanted, will you be happy giving up all these kids for the one easier one, as it's less money?

You must ask for payment on fridays her kids aren't there, as you won't fill odd fridays will you.

This is the problem I see, filling the odd left over hours.

HellyBelly Wed 13-Jul-05 17:01:11

Thanks badgerhead. I just needed some reassurance! For the last 2 years it's just been me and my ds then my mindee started last week. Was just a bit at the going from 2 - 5 kiddies but I'm sure the older ones will help!

I have the car when I need it but it's not always on the drive to just pop out at last min. Need to think about car seats etc. as haven't got a people carrier but I'm sure with the age groups I'll be fine on the days I don't have my current mindee.


HellyBelly Wed 13-Jul-05 17:02:36

Thanks Lunavix, need to talk to her about the Friday's then - hadn't thought about that! (too hot to think straight isn't it - thank god I have you lot to help me out! )

HellyBelly Wed 13-Jul-05 17:06:26

Meant to say, don't plan on giving up the 18 month old as hoping to fill other part timers, just was worried if I got a full timer enquire as I'd have to turn down for sake of 1 day a week IYSWIM. Hopefully other part timers will enquire soon!

HellyBelly Wed 13-Jul-05 18:43:06

Just in case anyone is I've had pointed out, I should really be asking this parent to pay me for all Friday's even though she only wants every other, as I won't be able to fill those spaces.

Who's got experiences of asking for this extra money? How do the parents take it??

Thoughts please?!

alison222 Wed 13-Jul-05 19:07:27

I've not had that problem but..
I'd explain that as you are running a business and as it will be nigh on impossible to fill an alternate Friday you need her to pay for Fridays that you are not working.
Or what about charging her half on those days like most do in school holidays for term time only children? Is that enough to feel OK for you and it sounds a bit like a compromise if she baulks at paying for every Friday.
You could say that of course if you did by some miracle find someone to fill the alternate Fridays you would stop charging her.

ThePrisoner Wed 13-Jul-05 19:48:16

I have had children on alternate days each week (secondary teachers around here do two-week "shift") and although it can be a pain, I wouldn't necessarily turn the work down. I don't charge for the unused day, but could envisage charging some kind of retainer. Maybe the mum would like to have the extra Friday anyway, if she thinks she has to pay for it??

If I've been asked to have someone just one day/week, and that would prevent me having a full-timer later, I discuss this with the parent. They have always been OK with the "threat" of being chucked out, but it has never happened.

I think I must be very lucky, because the part-timers that I have all slot together very nicely.

Another option for your "free" Friday would be to tout around for someone who would just like the occasional day for some "me" time. People I know from toddler groups etc. can get quite excited when they realise that they can just book the occasional day!!

HellyBelly Wed 13-Jul-05 19:48:21

Thanks ali222 - just phoned and she's fine about paying the extra. Should be £45.50 for the 2 Friday's not working so I've reduced to £30 and she's fine. So glad that was suggested .

She's coming to sign contracts on Monday and I start on Tuesday .

Thanks again everyone!

HellyBelly Wed 13-Jul-05 19:51:04

Yeah Theprisoner, the casual thing is a good idea. Been advertising with this since I started with 'Casual (when you just want a break!)' on the posters, website etc. Hopefully this will work out sometimes but if not, I get a bit of a break with some money which is great!

Well chuffed

blodwen Wed 13-Jul-05 21:57:00

Well done HellyBelly! And good luck next week.

HellyBelly Thu 14-Jul-05 07:06:27


alison222 Thu 14-Jul-05 09:50:02

Glad it worked out.
I must say I'm better at dishing out advice than with dealing with situations like that.

HellyBelly Thu 14-Jul-05 10:05:51

I thought it would be really hard but she was fine!! Oh, and she's gonna get me Paul Daniels autograph (not that i'm a fan but hey) as she has a housekeeping business and includes his home.

Anyway, saying about the money over the phone was probably easier than face to face - I'm too soft

HellyBelly Thu 14-Jul-05 14:02:05

Why do I open my big mouth too soon eh????!! Just had a text from this lady saying she no longer needs me on the Friday's but the rest is the same.

I've therefore gone from getting the extra £30 a month for the 2 days I wouldn't work to not even getting the 2 Friday's money she did need me. If I hadn't said anything about charging for the other 2 Friday's, I'd at least have had the extra £123.50 a month for the 2 Friday's I would have worked Well, that's assuming this is her reason for changing her mind?!

Oh well, my fault for getting excited!! Sorry to moan - feel better now

HellyBelly Thu 14-Jul-05 14:33:44

Just been told it's nothing to do with the extra money, just her days changed and she didn't need me. Oh well, feel bit better now!

alison222 Thu 14-Jul-05 16:27:37

just read this and thought OH god have I given terrible adivce . then read the second post and felt a bit better. Shame for you though

HellyBelly Thu 14-Jul-05 17:10:19

Oh no, very GOOD advice. Wouldn't have made so much difference if it was just one kiddie but 3 was nice financially . Never mind, she promises me it's not because of that anyway!

Don't worry

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