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Childminders Club: Vouchers as Payment?

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HellyBelly Thu 07-Jul-05 17:35:51

Hi (again!)

Just wondered if any of you accept any childcare vouchers as payment for your services? I'm registered with Busy Bees so can accept these, just wondered if there are any others people are registered with??

Xena Thu 07-Jul-05 18:14:40

One of my parents is a police officer and I think they have their own voucher system, the lady is going to print me all the details off.

HellyBelly Thu 07-Jul-05 18:26:32

Cheers Xena!

LunarSea Thu 07-Jul-05 18:30:21

There's the Accor ones -

HellyBelly Thu 07-Jul-05 18:32:33

FAB! Cheers for that

LunarSea Thu 07-Jul-05 18:43:05

Childcare Options
Care 4
Sodexho Pass
Imagine (Co-op)
Early Years Vouchers

I only know the Accor ones from experience - I just have these others listed as possibilites from trying to get DH's employers to do the vouchers too.

HellyBelly Thu 07-Jul-05 18:46:07

Wow - will have a look at these after I've finished my housework! (dh is bathing ds )

I LOVE this website - everyone is SOOO helpful!

Thanks so much for that!

Xena Thu 07-Jul-05 18:59:11

Hi Lunarsea do you know what professions use which ones?

LunarSea Thu 07-Jul-05 20:18:07

As far as I know there's no set rules - any organisation can sign up with any of them.

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