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language courses for au pairs in SE London

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MrsWobble Mon 04-Jul-05 11:11:39

Does anyone have any experience of these? I have a new nanny/au pair starting this summer who would like to improve her English. She is from an EU country which I hoped might give her free tuition (or at least significantly reduced rates). It's my first experience of a non native English speaker and I don't really know where to start. I've phoned a couple of places but they would classify her as an international student and charge £000s for a course which she won't be able to afford and I don't want to pay either. Any helpful suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks

Ameriscot2005 Mon 04-Jul-05 16:49:36

Not directly helpful to you, but here in Surrey, language classes are run by the county's Adult Education Dept., sometimes directly and sometimes via Sixth Form Colleges - basically the places where you would think of looking for a "night school" class.

These classes are free to EU citizens with no, basic or moderate English skills, but may cost something like £300 for good speakers or non-Eu citizens. These are not the Cambridge courses which charge regardless.

My first au pair had 9 hours of classes per week totally free; my current au pair is going to summer school which is 9 hours x 4 weeks, again free.

MrsWobble Mon 04-Jul-05 18:17:00

thank you - at least that gives me something to start with.

MissChief Mon 04-Jul-05 18:23:45

She shouldn't be classed as an international student if she's from the EU, certainly not by an FE college anyway. Have you tried Lewisham College - they have tons of EFL classes, also Greenwich Community College, Southwark - various ones around. All have websites if you have a look on the internet. Could also search on or similar.

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