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This topic is for discussing childcare options. If you want to advertise, please use your Local site.

** CHILDMINDER on the outskirts of READING currently has vacancies - CHECK WEBSITE for up to date details..... **

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HellyBelly Sat 02-Jul-05 16:09:00


I am an Ofsted Registered Childminder and a member of the NCMA. For full details of my vacancies as well as my policies & procedures, facilities etc, please have a look at my website or email me at

At the moment I have the following vacancies:

Full Time
Part Time
Morning Sessions
Afternoon Sessions
School Runs
Casual (when you just want a break!)

HellyBelly Wed 06-Jul-05 07:40:16


HellyBelly Mon 11-Jul-05 15:41:07

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