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Childminders Club: Feeling argh today...

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lunavix Fri 01-Jul-05 14:59:47

Still have no triple buggy. Found two on ebay under £200, one is a bit manky but might have to do, the other needs collection which I can't do I NEED a triple buggy.

I've had my last session with my first ever mindee, and now I just have my twin mindees, and that's it. The only phone calls I'm getting is for school pickups in very obscure places which I can't do.

I had a phone call for 2 boys (1 and 3) full time which I couldn't do as I have the twins 3 days, and I passed it on to my friend who's doing it instead. I feel a bit as if I was working full time, I wouldn't need any more mindees but sadly it's not to be. How the * am I going to fill 2 random days??

Rant over.

KatyMac Fri 01-Jul-05 21:17:16

Good luck finding one - have you contacted your local TAMBA (Twins and Multiple Birth Ass) who might have a notice board

My children are a patchwork of part-timers - I have someone looking for 2 days in Oct and another mum wanting the other 3 in Jan

I have one doing MWF and another doing TTH
I have one that comes while another is in nursery - You just have to hope for the best

Talk to your friend about doing holiday cover - maybe spliting it with a 3rd C/Mer

Good luck and don't get downhearted

ThePrisoner Fri 01-Jul-05 21:36:35

Let it be known to just about anyone u meet that u are childminder and have a p/t space!

I've got a temporary space for a few months but within a very short space of time, by just talking to people, I've taken on several children for whole/part days (both for working parents and those who just want an occasional break).

Could u do a simple ad to drop thru local letterboxes or leave at any toddler groups u attend? Does your local paper do free ads? Make sure your childrens info service know u have a vacancy.

lunavix Fri 01-Jul-05 21:38:43

I am already doing a fair bit of advertising. I'm going to make a webpage and try that too, no harm in trying.

I'm feeling a bit better now, I was feeling most down about the buggy tbh! I hate the feeling of being stuck indoors, I love being out and about and it's just a pain ita atm.

HellyBelly Sat 02-Jul-05 09:20:35

Hi Lunavix, saw buggy on wanted board (around 15th June ish) but it may be over your budget? Just thought I'd mention it!

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