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Hours / Pay / Job description

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PhDMumof1 Fri 01-Jul-05 10:59:58

Firstly, hurrah - we have found a new nanny to replace our current one, she will be starting in September. We have not had much time to chat since she accepted the job as she is travelling, so I need to write a quick email to her to give her an outline of start date, hours etc.

I just went on the nannyjob website and there were plenty of postings from nannies who didn't like flexible hours, or making up non-worked hours in overtime. For example, 1 nanny said that she wouldn't make up hours from 1 wk to the next, it all had to be worked in 1 wk, or she charge o/time for the next.

Bearing in mind that I am going to have a very busy year, I would like to make sure that I set things out clearly so that:
1) I have peace of mind that DS will get continuous, contented care
2) New nanny knows exactly what she is coming to so that she can turn it down now if she has not been clear in her own mind what job involves
3) I retain an element of flexibility as I will have work + studying to do this year

I thought I would start by sketching out the whole year's holiday arrangements, with a basic outline of the hours + regular babysits that I know about now, eg evening exercise class, extra duties pw etc.

Any thoughts anyone?

binkie Fri 01-Jul-05 11:15:23

Yes that sounds good.

I do think "making up time" is a contentious area - I can see how parents turning up unannounced and saying "you can go now, but don't forget this means you owe me x hours" [not that you'd say that!!] is a very one-sided idea of "flexibility". But with notice, and maybe up to a certain limit of hours per week, it could be OK. By how much do you expect the hours to vary?

On holidays, will you be allowing her free choice on half of them? That's the norm, I think. Though I would guess things like exam weeks it would be fair for you to say it's essential she be working!

PhDMumof1 Fri 01-Jul-05 12:05:22

Thanks binkie. On hols I will be a bit stuck as my year is very regimented so she won't be able to take hols apart from in school hols time.

Making-up time is a bit of a nightmare IME. I will give her a basic outline of how many hours per month rather than per week I think, and then if any run over into the next month, maybe I will have to write them off and agree a set amount ph for overtime. (She will be live-in.)

The good thing is that I should have a fair amount of visibility term by term, so that is fairly good notice. Anything like being held up by traffic is another matter but should be less frequent.

uwila Sat 02-Jul-05 00:21:33

I agree the set babysitting hourly rate with a nanny before I hire her. She has set hours, and anything above and beyond that is 1- paid at agreed babysitting rate and 2- by mutual desire and prior arrangement only. In other words, her day ends at 7:00, and if I want to go out I would ask her to sit, but she has every right to say she doesn't want to.

I think swapping hours around is fair if you outline it before the nanny starts, and I also think it is fair for her to expect say a weeks notice of any schedule changes.

I never pay time and a half. If I work extra hours at my work I get straight time, so I offer my employees straight time. It seems fair to me.

uwila Sat 02-Jul-05 00:23:57

As for holidays, basically I pick them. This holiday year I am rather strapped for holiday time, as I am taking most of it with my maternity leave. But, if nanny wants a certain week off and gives me plenty of notice, I of course will do all I can to accommodate.

omega2 Sat 02-Jul-05 20:13:50

not all nannies are inflexible. If I work extra hours one week due to Dad being away, then I have time off in lieu on another week when it is convinient for them. I could've been awkward and not agreed to this as it is a recent thing but i am not like that.
Hopefully you will have a nanny who can also be flexible

PhDMumof1 Mon 04-Jul-05 10:56:02

It is alittle tricky to organise as she is working & travelling right up until the moment she arrives. What I have done is sent her an email with a very honest and to the point summary of what her hours might be, and how as well as WHY they might change week on week. This way, she will understand that I am not chopping and changing things on a whim, it is to do with work commitments.

SHe will have full job desc and contract to sign when she arrives (in 6-7 wks' time). but at least that way I am giving her a chance to be in the picture rather than it all being a nasty shock when she arrives.

binkie Mon 04-Jul-05 11:45:03

I think you sound like a great, conscientious employer & I'm sure she'll see that.

I do agree with uwila about agreeing the babysitting/overtime rate in advance, while both parties are still pretty free to negotiate. If you want comparators, my sense of range (central London) is babysitting £6.50-8.50/hr, and daytime overtime £7-10/hr.

PS: re nannyjob I would bear in mind that part of the purpose of that site (well, any site) is to let off steam.

uwila Mon 04-Jul-05 13:13:45

I would probably offer less than that for a live-in nanny for babysitting. But I think those rates sound fair for a live-out to come and babysit outside of usual working hours.

PhDMumof1 Mon 04-Jul-05 14:29:02

thank you for the vote of thanks binkie - my confidence as an employer is being a little undermined at the moment - see new thread I just started ..

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