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Fridge temperatures

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mum2oliver Wed 29-Jun-05 21:19:19

Should I have a thermometre in my fridge and freezer?
I have got them but they are reading that the fridge is too high 12oc. If I turn the fridge up it causes the back to freeze so the food that touches the back freezes.My fridge always has a little too much and is the not the most expensive of fridges! But im not prepared to go and purchase a new one? is this ok?

starlover Wed 29-Jun-05 21:21:46

12 degrees is very high bearing in mind it should be below 5.

we have the same thing re freezing if things touch thre back, so am just extra careful that stuff doesn't get pushed right to the very back!

badgerhead Thu 30-Jun-05 08:04:53

Fridges should be kept between 1 & 5 degrees & Freezers at -18 degreess or lower, otherwise bacteria can multiply. Also hot food should be over 60 degrees when cooked to kill off bacteria.

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