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Please can someone design my website for me? I will pay!

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Xena Wed 29-Jun-05 18:07:13

I'm a childminder. I love Katiemacs website and need something similar although I would like printable forms and a fee sheet updated yearly.

Chandra Wed 29-Jun-05 18:10:44

I could do it but I'm a bit booked at the moment, I'm sure there are other MNs that could do it for you sooner. If nobody shows up send me a CAT

ebbie22 Wed 29-Jun-05 18:14:33

send me your email address and have a friend who may have time to do it..when do u need it done by?

Xena Wed 29-Jun-05 18:19:38


HellyBelly Wed 29-Jun-05 19:30:31


I do these for childminders but not sure what you're after. Mine is if you want to have a look?

Let me know if interested.

AnnaInManchester Wed 29-Jun-05 20:04:56

Helly, your website is great

Sounds lots of fun at your house!

Xena Wed 29-Jun-05 20:42:39

Your site is great HB, shall I CAT you?

HellyBelly Wed 29-Jun-05 20:49:43

Yes or email me at

goosey Wed 29-Jun-05 20:49:59

I build unique, affordable websites for childminders too - this is the last one that I built.

Xena Wed 29-Jun-05 20:57:44

That is a great site goosey(v.envious of her setting)
I got your email address from you websites for childminders site goosey. If I email both you and Helen with what roughly I want then you could let me know what you think? and what sort of timescale etc. Thanks

Byn Thu 30-Jun-05 13:08:06

My partner makes websites (see for a sample) you can contact me at if still interested/looking

HellyBelly Sun 10-Jul-05 10:07:40

Xena - you still want a quote for building a cheap website for you?

All my contact details are on my own website should you need them!

HellyBelly Fri 22-Jul-05 09:33:05

Hi Xena

I know a little while back you were going to email me for a quote. I haven't received one and found out yesterday that some emails aren't getting through for some reason (i moaned at my dad for not sending me a link to something and was then forwarded that email by my mum so he did send it - oops!)

Most are getting through, in fact, I've done a quote for another childminder this morning. It's just odd ones that have disappeared from the server for some reason?!

Anyway, you may not be looking anymore but I thought I should say in case you had sent one and was waiting for a reply IYKWIM.

Just email/CAT me if you still require one!


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