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Letter of invitation from host family to AP

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Lasvegas Tue 28-Jun-05 09:20:41

I may invite a Bulgarian AP to stay with me. The Home Office web site says AP needs a letter of invitation from host family. Has anyone done such a letter and other than the following what information should it include? Also is it written to the AP or to the British Embasy in Bulgaria?

My and DP occupations & work address
Our Home address & fact we are owner occupiers
Our nationalities
Age of our DD
State that Au pair will work max of 25 hours per week and will receive £60 pocket money plus board and lodging.
Contact details - phone numbers

Thank you ladies

stitch Tue 28-Jun-05 09:23:21

something about the type of work you expect her to do. and about your house rules etc. for example you might want to state thaat whilst she is occasionally allowed ot have a female friend stay oovernight, you wont allow any male friends tostay overnight. that sort of thing.

stitch Tue 28-Jun-05 09:24:04

are you going through an agency? coz they often have sample ones for you to look at.

goldenoldie Tue 28-Jun-05 09:43:53

Lasvegas - an agency should do this for you, but there are so many good APs in the country that you can interview face-to-face, and check references, why bring someone in from overseas when you can't do any of this?

Lasvegas Tue 28-Jun-05 10:22:27

I am using aupair world web site. I used them before for a German AP, with great success. I have spoken to Bulgarian AP on phone and she has worked in past as AP in London (which is important to me). I work full time so I need AP who can hit ground running. Don't worry DD is with a childminder, AP just collects and does nite time sitting etc.

goldenoldie Tue 28-Jun-05 10:54:49

Good luck. Don't mean to be doom and gloom, but have a plan B at the ready.

Always a bit more risky bringing in someone yourself - they might not get the visa, and if they do they might not even turn up if they get offered an extra fiver a week to go with another family.

I remember driving all the way to stanstead to collect an AP. We waited hours before realising she would not show.

She sent me an e-mail TWO days later to say she had changed her mind!

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