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Nanny: interview and references

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SoftFroggie Mon 27-Jun-05 12:29:26

Am interviewing a nanny this week.
She sent p/c of references from previous jobs. Should I call them before or after the interview? Any tips on what to ask them?

Also, anyone got a good list of interview Qs they could let me have?

Many thanks. SF

beachyhead Mon 27-Jun-05 12:44:46

call them after so you can corroborate anything she says in the interview with the referees.....

I ask the nanny what her best and worst jobs were and why? I also ask which employers were the best and worst and why? Apart from all the testing of local knowledge, testing of basic childcare techniques, testing of first aid knowledge, I ask if she would sing to them, what things is she firm on, what things is she not firm on, what sort of food she cooks them, what her strong/weak points are?

I am always looking for a good fit and someone who respects the way we bring up our kids and who wouldn't do things in a vastly different way to me. I tend to ask where she has experienced disparity between her way and the employers way of doing things and how she dealt with it.

I check with the referee - is she honest? what did you most like about her? why did she leave? (always worth checking) was she tidy? AND is she came to you now, would you employ her again?

Good luck

sinclair Mon 27-Jun-05 14:35:42

Agree with you B Head, try and engage the referee in convo, go through the hard facts - honesty, health etc and then try and get them talking so that without asking the direct question the referee will hopefully say - we would employ her again in a shot and/or - she will always be a friend of the family. If you don't hear it come out 'naturally' you have to ask the question - at which point the slightest hint of fudge and you are back on the interview treadmill I'm afraid.

There is an excellent thread on here somewhere with qs to ask the candidate. Good luck!!

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