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Christmas bonus for nanny - how much?

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MollFlounders Sun 13-Dec-09 16:29:22

Hi, I've got a fabulous nanny and we are about to reach our first Christmas together. I'm not sure what people normally do, but I'd like to give her a really decent Christmas bonus to say thanks for all her hard work during some very difficult circumstances this year etc etc.

What would be a usual sort of amount for a Christmas bonus, as a percentage of a nanny's weekly net pay (e.g. 50%, maybe 100% - I have no idea)? For context, she gets £500/week net.

Prinnie Sun 13-Dec-09 16:34:04

Errm - I have no idea, but 50% - £250, would seem like a generous bonus to me.

snickersnack Sun 13-Dec-09 16:36:12

We do a week's net salary. Which is a lot but seems to be the norm round here, and our nanny is worth it...

MollFlounders Sun 13-Dec-09 16:44:12

Thanks Prinnie and snickersnack. I had been thinking the week's net salary- she is great and I want to show her I know that.

eastmidlandsnightnanny Sun 13-Dec-09 16:45:37

Maybe a weeks net salary then a gift from the children something personal like a photo of them in a nice frame

MollFlounders Sun 13-Dec-09 16:53:41

Yes thanks eastmidlands- I was going to give her something personal as well and that's a good suggestion. I even have a good recent photograph of DD that I can use....

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 13-Dec-09 20:11:24

i have always got a weeks salary (and very grateful for it as well) as well as lovely little pressies from charges

a thank you goes a long way as well - you sound a lovely mb moll

MollFlounders Mon 14-Dec-09 08:06:02

Thanks Blondeshavemorefun- I am just very grateful to have such an awesome nanny! She is my lifesaver.

WideAwakeMum Mon 14-Dec-09 09:53:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moondog Mon 14-Dec-09 09:55:34

Christ, don't ever give a picture of your children to anyone.
It's such a vain idea.
Other people might like your kids,but they won't want them gurning out of a frame at them 24/7.
(I went right off a friend who did this for me.)

WideAwakeMum Mon 14-Dec-09 10:00:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

callaird Mon 14-Dec-09 10:28:00

I love getting photos of my charges for christmas! My ex-bosses gave me a wonderful professional photo of the boys in a fab funky frame last year. Love it!

Last year I got a huge Christmas bonus, plus 2 west end theatre tickets, photo and frame, 10 pretty stacking boxes (with bonus check in smallest box, didn't find it until they told me to check!) and some very expensive chocolates!

Very nice.

I am temping this year and think I might not be so lucky!!!

eastmidlandsnightnanny Mon 14-Dec-09 17:15:49

Another thought is if its her first xmas with you I assume that you will have a yearly review also perhaps give her 50% of bonus at xmas then 50% at yearly review

K75 Mon 14-Dec-09 20:36:07

A week's bonus for ours and theatre tickets plus some things from the kids

nowwearefour Mon 14-Dec-09 20:44:13

a week's gross wages from us. plus something personal from us and another from the kids

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 15-Dec-09 11:41:55

i also love having pics of my charges - they are on my bookshelf

MrsMattie Tue 15-Dec-09 11:44:06

We're aren't giving our nanny a bonus. Is that really tight?

She is getting a week's paid leave on top of her normal leave, though, so I suppose that's the same thing...isnt it?

We are also giving her £50 M&S vouchers and a nice card and picture by the DCs. Plus pressies for her child.

aussienanny Wed 16-Dec-09 21:23:12

jeez thats a bit rough moondog!

Jammy1 Sun 14-Nov-10 12:15:35

I can't believe you pay you're nanny that much! I'm a primary school teacher and get less than that! I think I might need a change of career!

euracantha Sun 14-Nov-10 12:25:28

Not all employers give a cash bonus,Mine did give me a £200 amazon token and crate of wine and photos of the children.I`ve only ever had one cash xmas bonus in 20 odd years.

Karoleann Sun 14-Nov-10 13:19:32

I usually give my nanny a week's salary as a bonus - she's only doing 1/2 a day a week at the monent though - so I'll probably give her a bit more this year.

StarExpat Sun 14-Nov-10 14:20:45

Moondog that's really odd. Yes, agree you don't give photos of your dc to your friends, but childcarers generally do appreciate them. I used to nanny while at university and I still have photos of those dc. And keep getting updates each Xmas! I love them.

myboysarethebest Sun 14-Nov-10 14:34:54

We gave a 'snow globe' with a picture of both dcs inside - so a 'fun' take on the picture of your child and it was appreciated.

We will give a present rather than a bonus at Christmas. My DH and i have never received cash bonuses either

myboysarethebest Sun 14-Nov-10 14:39:54

Forgot to add - Don't feel pressure to think that you have to give 'cash bonus' because it's the 'norm'. Have spoken to lot's of other mums with nannies/aupairs/childminders and they don't all do it.

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 14-Nov-10 15:56:16

year old jammy

thought i recognized my reply - often dont read posters names, just replies iyswim

but my reply is still the same grin

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