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Any babysitters in Devon?

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SnailWhaleTail Thu 12-Nov-09 19:49:25

Hello, I've been around for a while under various names so not totally new. I really need a babysitter in Dartmouth in mid Dec just for 1 night as DH has a work do and we will be down there with the kids.

If anyone knows of agencies or has personal recommendations, or indeed actually is in Dartmouth and babysits I would be more than overjoyed to hear from you!

Doublebuggy Thu 12-Nov-09 20:47:14


FourArms Fri 13-Nov-09 09:23:47

My sister often babysits for me (I've got two boys aged 3 & 5 and she's looked after them since they were tiny). She's 20 and doing a degree in Early Years education in Plymouth so works in schools and has a current CRB. Do you know what date it would be? She'd probably charge travelling time as well since we're an hour away from Dartmouth (only 30 miles, but they're long miles in this area wink)

My email is mr018 b4178 @ blueyonder. co. uk (with no spaces) if you're interested.

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