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Thursday Staff Room: Ill again

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Katymac Thu 12-Nov-09 08:32:13

So I sent another child home with D last night & guess what I have now!!!sadangry

I wish I knew who had brought it into the setting - it seems odd that 2 of us started symptoms within an hour of each other

Never mind after my reflexology I intend to do filing & EYFS work - to try & catch up

How is everyone - we don't seem to have had a staffroom in weeks

Not bringing in any food - no-one would want food brought in my someone in quarantine now would they?

HSMM Thu 12-Nov-09 09:00:47

Oh Katymac sad. We have had a round of nasty coughs and colds here, but nothing worse (was dreading closing for swine flu).

Don't need food, just eating some leftover cake DD brought home from a party (shop bought and I cut it up). Tastes disgusting, but a good sugar rush.

Mindee already in bed, arrived really tired this morning.

looneytune Thu 12-Nov-09 10:31:47

Sorry you're poorly Kate We've had a nasty bug go round here and now one of my new ones is in hospital because of it I had a little cry this morning when I heard, even though I couldn't have done anything (just been really stressed, you may have seen the other thread, well I had a very abusive email yesterday and it really got to me).

I really hope you get better soon. I know what you mean about catching up with paperwork, I did that on day 2 as although I felt better, had to be closed still so wanted to be 'productive'. Can't say I got that much done though thanks to ds2 being around plus of course all the letters and stuff to have to do after calling environmental health (thanks for your letter btw, was a great help!!!)

HSMM - pleased it wasn't the dreaded lurgy. Poor Shoshe has had to close as she HAS got Swine Flu

Shoshe Thu 12-Nov-09 10:39:35

Good morning, as looney said I am closed with SF.

Cant get my tempreture to go down, even with Tamiflu, paracetamol and loads of liquids and fruit lollies.

I wouldnt wish this on anyone. sad

Shoshe, feel for you. Had SF in July - actually came on an hour after landed from hols in Spain and I thought I was dying the next morning sad. Then I had allergic reaction to Tamiflu - that was worse than the SF.

Hope you all feeling better soon. Had the dreaded D n V a few weeks back - good for weight loss but does nowt for the bank balance.

Will drop by with homemade cookies tomorrow afternoon to cheer you all upsmile.

Katymac Thu 12-Nov-09 18:57:56

Sorry about the SF - what a nightmare

Can anyone help with DD's Birthday cake? here?

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