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cms- Help me think of ways to support my own ds who is struggling with me cm.

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holdingittogether Wed 11-Nov-09 11:38:28

have been a cm for 18mths. Ds2 who is 7 has never liked it but I hoped given time he would get used to it. Well he hasn't and it's getting worse. He has started to be aggressive towards mindees and very rude to them. We have also had alot of tears too. I am on the verge of giving up cm as I feel it is not fair on him. Can't afford to not work at all so it is not as easy as just giving notice, I need to have another job lined up which could take time.

Does anyone have any ideas of ways I can help and support him? It is breaking my heart and I don't think dh appreciates the problem as he is always at work.

missymoo2411 Wed 11-Nov-09 18:37:29

i had the same probs with mine at the start a few things that helps r have separate minding toys from his if he brings toys down he must expect to share i take a feww days off in each school holidays with just my kids to do stuff they want to do. give him little jobs to help out so he feels important . make week end for fun stuff if u can .ie do food shop on line through the week.try and finish early one day a week so u can have a family tea together talk to him praise him ,and explain that if u dont do this job u will have to do another job and he would have to go to a cm house and if u dont work then there would be no treats .make some one on one time with just u and him . hope some of these help my kids still have off days but not many now good luck ask him how he feels .

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