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Thinking about becoming a child minder - is depression a big issue?

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essbee Fri 17-Jun-05 19:36:09

Message withdrawn

lunavix Fri 17-Jun-05 19:38:54

I'm on ADs and as you know I'm a CM!

The important thing would be to talk to your doctor and see how they feel. They will write the medical report to pass on to Ofsted, and if you sit down and discuss how you feel you are ready, chances are they will pass that on. If it comes to them out of the blue, they might comment upon it.

lunavix Fri 17-Jun-05 19:39:30

I know at least one other CM is on or has been on ADs, on here, so they might be more help!

essbee Fri 17-Jun-05 19:40:19

Message withdrawn

lunavix Fri 17-Jun-05 19:42:00

Definately. Sounds like a great thing to do, I love it

If you are seriously then DEFINATELY go to the GP and discuss this. WHen you have the forms for the GP to fill in, if you feel they might have 'forgotten' you, then go back for an appointment as a reminder. Try to also rule out the possibility of another GP filling your forms in just from your notes as they may not look so rosy if they don't know you (and this could happen for example if your GP is on holiday)

Xena Fri 17-Jun-05 19:42:47

I'm a c/minder, a friend had pnd and when she was registered they limited her numbers. At my pre registration meeting they did discuss it. How long had you depression been under control lunavix?

lunavix Fri 17-Jun-05 19:43:59

It's never spiralled out of control iykwim. So that could be a factor, however it could be something that varies differently between inspectors as they all look at different things don't they?

lunavix Fri 17-Jun-05 19:44:33

Did she have pnd in the past or was she still diagnosed with it? Would that perhaps make a difference?

essbee Fri 17-Jun-05 19:46:37

Message withdrawn

Xena Fri 17-Jun-05 19:57:22

No it was past tense and the pre reg meeting they said that all types of depression were 'looked at'. I think thou that in her case it wasn't made on the judgement of the inspector but by a panel. She now quite a few years on has had her numbers increased.
Essbee as I'm sure lunavix will tell you the whole childminding thing has got a whole lot harder recently with the different style of inspections etc and there is alot of paper work. I think that it would be a good idea to be 'sorted' before you start childminding.

Xena Fri 17-Jun-05 19:57:55

Sorry if that isn't what you wanted to hear.

essbee Fri 17-Jun-05 19:59:46

Message withdrawn

essbee Fri 17-Jun-05 20:04:57

Message withdrawn

Xena Fri 17-Jun-05 20:05:27

Just something to think about, but i'm going to be employing another childminder in my home (and increasing my numbers) we will work together (although i'll be the boss ). Maybe you could find someone local to you who you could do that with and as you would be registered as a childminder yourself when you are 'sorted' you could have a safety inspection on your own home and carry on there. IYSWIM

essbee Fri 17-Jun-05 20:08:05

Message withdrawn

Xena Fri 17-Jun-05 20:10:18

Your welcome, sorry if it looked like I was trying to put you off at first, one of my mindees is causing me no end of grief atm and I'd probably try to put anyone off

essbee Fri 17-Jun-05 20:12:57

Message withdrawn

alibubbles Sat 18-Jun-05 21:38:50

Message withdrawn

ThePrisoner Sun 19-Jun-05 23:44:02

I know a childminder who was registered whilst seeing a psychiatrist as an outpatient, was on anti-depressants (and still is) - and there were no problems at all. If you ring OFSTED, ensure you get someone senior who actually knows what they are talking about. What is a great shame is that the parents who have this childminder are unaware of her history, mainly because of the stigma of "mental illness" and the possible lack of understanding they may have.

essbee Wed 22-Jun-05 22:33:24

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Wed 22-Jun-05 22:34:51

essbee, I'm glad you're feeling a lot happier.

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