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Childminder thinking of moving to Sutton.....

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Fruitbatlings Sun 08-Nov-09 09:16:20

I live in Colliers Wood right now and love it. There is so much to do for the children and it has a real villagey feel, not to mention having the tube so close (for DH to get to work in Soho) and a really good Primary school (which DS1 is at). However, we are in a teeny weeny two bed flat and desperately want something bigger.
A good friend of mine lives in a lovely house in Sutton and really likes it there. My sister, on the other hand, was horrified at the thought and so was DH. It's not that bad is it? We could get a lovely two or even three bed house for just a bit more than our tiny flat is selling for.
Do any of you Childminders live in Sutton? What's it like for Children? What is it like as a Childminder? Is business good?

Fruitbatlings Sun 08-Nov-09 10:39:57

You're obviously all too busy with your EYFS crap paperwork....

bigdonna Sun 08-Nov-09 11:51:52

hi im a cm in mitcham not far from sutton, sutton has some very good schools .i also used to live in colliers wood in dinton road.we moved from a two bedroom flat to a3 bed now 4 house sutton is more expencive but there are some lovely areas as in most places good luck oh also my places for cm are always full and still get phone calls most weeks!!!

Fruitbatlings Sun 08-Nov-09 20:26:52

Thanks bigdonna, I think I might be able to convince DH.
I'm just worried it won't be as lovely as Colliers Wood, I've got some great friends here and love the fact that all the playgroups and Wacky Warehouse is on the doorstep! There's something to do everyday.

Can't stay here forever though sad

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