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confused about the whole process

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imamumof3 Thu 05-Nov-09 17:09:45

I am wanting to register as a childminder, but what would i need to have to pass the first inspection, I am worried about it.

Thank you

imamumof3 Thu 05-Nov-09 17:10:41

sorry i mean as in safety equipment

WshosheBANG Thu 05-Nov-09 17:36:40

The first thing you need to do is reing your local surestart and ask when the next Childminder Briefing is, they should then be able to answer your questions.

To be honest most homes with young children have all the safety equipment. It is simple things such as stair gates, plug covers, wire covers sort of things.

atworknotworking Thu 05-Nov-09 17:41:56

Your local fire service will happily call out and give you some advice they also install smoke detectors for you FOC.

In basic terms the inspector will have a look at the areas you are intending to register to make sure they are suitable for the mindees, so you will need socket covers, safety gates, cupboard locks, cushion covers on any low level sharp corners, fire guards / radiator covers (or if not show how you will regulate how hot they get) Fire blanket in kitchen. You will also need a fire escape plan (I have a laminated route on the wall in each room that the mindees use) No smoking sign, Risk assessments for indoors / outdoors, the inspector will look at your equipment to make sure its suitable for use. Also make sure that your first aid kit is in a handy place and stocked, and cleaning or beuty products are well out of the childrens way, that you can access the toilet from the outside if needed in an emergency, and that you have drain covers outside in play areas. Probably loads more stuff that I've forgotten but no doubt someone will be able to add some more.

nannynick Thu 05-Nov-09 18:56:30

Safety glass is often the thing that you need to check most, as some items of furniture may have glass in them which may not be certified safety glass.
Plants are another thing... Ofsted don't seem to like you having poisonous plants around the home or garden. Not sure though if there is a list of what they deem as to be poisonous plants. - Found a list on the last page of the Out of School old (2003) National Standards. Plus a list by the RHS.

If you read/search inspection reports for Day Care / Childminders you will see some of the things Ofsted don't like... for example I found this action on a Nurseries report:
"to ensure the computer area is made safe and
children do not have access to loose cables, poisonous plants, a low glass mirror and the kitchen."

They also don't like it if you have "guns and dangerous or ceremonial weapons" on site.

Talking of the garden, it needs to be secure... so not easy for the children to escape from. Ponds are an issue... if you have one it will need a strong mesh, plus I think fencing as well. Swimming pools also need to be fenced.

navyeyelasH Thu 05-Nov-09 21:16:44

Maybe I just got lucky because when I ad my first inspection (the pre-reg inspection) my house was literally a building site with no sockets let alone socket covers.

I told my pre reg inspector that I had no intention of getting stair gates / remvoing "poisonous" plants / socket covers etc. I had checked all glass though and had told the inspector I planned (and since have) covered our wendy house in the garden, all glass in the house is kite marked.

The children will never be on the stairs by themselves and the stairs are closed off by a locked door. Socket covers are more dangerous than having nothing IMO. Poisonous plants will be dealt with by risk assessing the area and educating cildren that holly/thorn roses etc are spiky and will hurt. Only thing I ditched was a fox glove and they can cause death if A LOT is eaten and that is a lot worse than a scratch etc.

I have a fire blanket, smoke detectors, first aid kit, lock on my under sink cupboard that had cleaning stuff, all medicines locked away and full risk assessments of everything in and outside the house.

Am I going to be up shit creek when I have my first proper inspection?

vInTaGeVioLeT Fri 06-Nov-09 00:17:07

risk assess every room - your garden and outside space - write a list of risks - then get someone else to do it with fresh eyes compare your lists - act on removing risks.

it's just common sense really and the pre-reg visit will pick up on anything you've missed - good luck smile

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