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Advice and help please

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crispycake Wed 04-Nov-09 14:26:13

Hi thanks for reading this thread!

I am wondering if statutory sick pay is the same amount for everyone??

I work just over 30 hours a week over 3 days and i need to find out if working less days etc means i am not entitled to the £70ish pounds everyone else gets!

Any help would be great! Thanks

MrAnchovy Wed 04-Nov-09 15:37:06

I am afraid that SSP is only paid for normal working days: find out all about it here.

So you will only get 3/5 of the weekly amount of £79.15 if you are eligable for SSP for a whole week.

What's more, you cannot claim SSP for the first 3 normal working days you are off sick. So if you normally work Monday-Wednesday and you get sick tomorrow, you won't qualify for SSP until 16th November.

Special rules apply if your work pattern is irregular.

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