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CMS - would you rock a 14m old to sleep for each nap?

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looneytune Wed 04-Nov-09 11:17:28

I'm closed thanks to sick bug so thought I'd take the opportunity to come on here and get some advice.

My dh and I are now a husband and wife team and have so far taken on 2 new toddlers. One of them was really upset when put down for a nap and in the end I held them in my arms and they eventually went to sleep. I spoke to mum to see if there is a certain way they put them down, do they have comforter etc. so I could make things as much like home as possible.

Mum apologised as forgot to say that they have a bottle of milk after lunch then put down in the cot once they are asleep.

Do any of you do something similar with any of your mindees? We need to plan how to sort out the nap routines of all our little ones and want to start as we mean to go on so we don't confuse any of them. All the other children are put down and settle themselves. Do you think we should carry on doing what the parents do or suggest ways of helping them settle themselves?

Any thoughts would be great

HSMM Wed 04-Nov-09 11:49:46

This was my DD! Made a rod for my own back! See if you can speak to parents to try and find a way you can both encourage the child to self settle. You have other children to look after, not just one. Unfortunately, I think it might take a bit of time and effort.

Danthe4th Wed 04-Nov-09 12:14:15

I would do it for a while until they are settled with you and slowly do it less and less gradually moving to where you want them to sleep, without the rocking. I wouldn't just stop otherwise you may end up with a battle of wills.

Katymac Wed 04-Nov-09 12:51:19

I agree; gradually changing works very well

MaximumNoisePollution Wed 04-Nov-09 14:01:38

I would say do it as near to the parents way as is possible but that they might have their bottle and go to bed more awake and just need soothing, maybe play a 'sleeptime' cd choice to help them with sleep associations.

looneytune Wed 04-Nov-09 15:18:34

Thanks everyone, your advice is much appreciated My first challenge is going to be getting them to stay asleep for a period of time so they are not overtired. Yesterday I got them off to sleep for about 15 mins in my arms and then moved them to the cot but after half an hour they woke up. That could well be the milk thing though as I wasn't aware about the milk, we'll see on Friday if I'm back working.

Thanks again

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